SoCal returns from NorCal...Big Edith at Front Door

  1. So, returned from my NorCal conference to find "Big Edith" at my front door... So here are pics! I like her, but she will be returning to BG... The handle drop is long enough to shoulder, but I could not wear her with a jacket for work... Enjoy!
    New Bags 003.jpg New Bags 005.jpg New Bags 008.jpg
  2. gorgeous! that would make such a lovely travel bag! swooon!
  3. Hello and goodbye, Edith! She sure is pretty but not practical I suppose. So long......
  4. A little off topic, but I am also "inspecting" black JC Ramona and LV suede hobo...
    New Bags 010.jpg New Bags 011.jpg New Bags 012.jpg
  5. looks good, looks good.

    do you think it's gonna hold a laptop? is it heavy?
  6. Thanks for the photo's SoCal! So tell us, what is it that you don't like about "BIG Edith"?
  7. Big Edith would definitely hold a laptop (probably 2-3)...

    I like a longer shoulder drop on a "work" bag...
  8. Actually I think it looks on you much better than that medium one on you. My large chamois and whiskey edith will come to me this wednesday. Now I saw your pic and I became so anxious .....:nuts:
  9. I like the way the chamois looks on you too... but I do have to say that I LOVE!!!! the Ramona! :love: :love:
  10. The large Edith doesn't look too massive like I thought it would. I like the Ramona too but prefer your brown one to the black. The brown is just so much more interesting and delish-looking. The black is kinda.. eh.. in comparison.
  11. 0o0o0o JC Ramona, i like the colour of the Edith :smile: i think i'd totally love your Edith! it looks so big - it will hold all my stuff!!!! weee heee new bag!!!
  12. Love the scrumples on that Edith! But I agree that Ramona suits you better. Edith just looks too big in that size... too big for anyone!
  13. I like the black and love the chocolate...unsure if I will keep the black or not... I love the shape of the bag, but the black is not at "luscious" as the brown...hmmm...
  14. Wow, never seen the large bag. It's quite big! Thanks for the photos.
  15. I hear a collective "Aaaawwww" from the board :sad2: :sad2: :sad2:
    Such big expectations for the big gal. Gorgeously wrinkly but what silly design for the handles to still not be long enough. :weird:

    But thanks for the PF community service - how much we owe? ;)