SoCal...Question (and everyone else!)

  1. I have seen this bag multiple times on NM, but I just realized that it is a metallic. But the measurements say 16" high! It is the large Betty. Has anyone seen the large Betty in person? Or better yet, do you own it? Can you post pics of the bag on, or tell me if it is really THIS big? I am mad mad mad for this bag. (Or maybe I am just mad in general!) Thanks!!! :nuts:

    (photos from NM website)
    NMV7443_ex.jpg NMV7443_mp.jpg
  2. I think someone here either has it or said it's very purdy!!
  3. Is that the patent Betty? I love her - but $2,000.00 is just too much for her I think.... : ( *sniff*
  4. LOL, certainly doesn't look 16 inch high.

    I like the leather, it looks sexy but I'm not too hot about the bag.
  5. Beauxgoris, I don't think it's patent. It is a metallic (anthracite) leather, and the NM site says it is exclusive to them. The color is really hot! But I have big worries about the size if it's really that tall.
  6. I love that pewter! I saw that bag in patent black leather. It's definitely funky. I would love to see it in the pewter color. I think it's smoking hot!

    It's not supertall, it's about the size of the large pocket.

    EDIT: Oops, I meant the tote! I get the large pocket and the totes confused. Not sure why!

    EDIT2: Nope, I meant the large pocket.... sorry about the confusion. Clearly, I'm confused as well!
  7. BalenciagaLove, I am waiting a few more minutes for the bag to get down to "small pocket" size...then I'll buy! Just kidding! Thanks...I just love the color! I don't like many black bags (I figured this one was black with funky lighting until I read the ad), and since I can't get a bronze City, here is another metallic option!
  8. did you see SoCal is selling her black pocket? sigh.........
  9. This is an absolutely luscious metallic bag, imo. The pewter looks so pretty in the photos that I really really want to see one in rl. I wonder if it'll be as stunning. I wonder when NM is going to get them, it says date unavailable when I tried to get more info. Are you getting anymore info?
  10. I say get it - NM has such a good return policy that you can always return it if you don't like it in person!

    *warning* I've read that the metallic flakes off on the b-bags and the Muse - so just make sure this doesn't happen on this bag.
  11. LVR has it in chocolate and gris clair. I am liking the gris clair, too...and no metallic worries. Has anyone seen the gris clair (which should be a light grey)? If I could sell my Furla Farrah, I might get this since I am sending the Gaucho back. Hmmm...would be less $$$ from LVR!
    0083.JPG.jpg 0084.JPG.jpg
  12. I hope that's the not the same color as the grey on the NM website. It's definitely not floating my boat. I like the pictures you posted a lot better, but I wonder if it looks lighter because of the flash. This would definitely be for someone who has seen it in rl. Colors can be so deceptive sometimes.

    Speaking of which, did we ever find out about the blues and the Edith?
  13. The Edith, according to NAP, is not the turquoise, but a more blue-blue. Odd. That grey is definitely a different color than it looks on LVR! The LVR mousse photographed darker, so maybe they are not the same? Does anyone know? Chloe needs to send us leather swatches!

    Oh, and to answer your question from before, no...I have no idea when NM is getting the pewter color in. Is that the same as anthracite? I think I said the wrong thing above!
  14. When I first saw your pics, I thought that was the ivory betty, except it looked a little darker than I remembered. I wish that the retailers would just standardize the name. It's hard to keep track when they all call it different things.
  15. Are the straps long enough to wear comfortably on the shoulder? As in, longer than the Paddy satchel straps?