SoCal, please model for us!!!

  1. SoCal, another box has appeared under my Christmas tree. :yahoo:

    I had a little lookie (did not touch!!!!). It looks very much like a lozange scarf. :yahoo:

    Please model yours for us so I will know what to do with it.....
  2. Oooh Rose, you bad girl! :P
  3. Yeah!!! Love the lozange!!! No time for pics will have to model on Christmas...LOL... I am off to Phoenix tomorrow with limited internet access until I return to SoCal next week... I will say the lozange is soooo easy to wear!

    Rose, NO MORE PEEKING!!!!
  4. Heehee Rose, you are worse than that possible??? :roflmfao:

  5. Is yours a PM or GM? Mine looks like a PM.

    Have a super time in Phoenix, a very merry Christmas to you and your family:heart:
  6. :shame:
  7. :shame: :shame:
  8. I have both...the black/white is a PM and the chocolate/black trim is a GM. Thank you! I am almost the land of the dial-up internet connection... Merry Christmas, Rose!!!
  9. naughty, naughty, Rose!!!

    I love it!