SoCal PF Meeting Monday Night?

  1. Hi guys! Is this still happening? The last thing I heard was that it was going to be held around 8pm which is perfect for me.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  2. Yup, there is one on the 23rd!
  3. Do you already have the info? PM if you would like.
  4. Is this in LA?
  5. yes. I'll PM you...
  6. Yay, more people are coming! I already gave bagnshoofetish the info,hopefully you guys can come!
  7. I'm really going to try, it is quite a trip for me to make on a Monday. My need for a little grown-up talk & some bag loving will probably win out over my fear of rush hour traffic though.
  8. Aww, Monday isn't good for me...please let me know if there are any other!
  9. I think we are having more meetings USCgerl!
  10. ^ just pmed you..
  11. Got it! Did you get everything! Do you need more help?
  12. Is this during day time on Monday? If so then I can't make it ...:crybaby:
  13. any so cal gals online? are we on for tonight or do we need to reschedule?
  14. I am not going to make it, I'll just have to wait for another SCP or a weekend LA meeting. :sad:
    I am bummed, hope you gals have as much fun as we did at our little get-together in Costa Mesa.
  15. Well. That was a wash!

    We had some confusion last night and poor Mshmount ended up going to 2 different restaurants to find no one!:crybaby:

    We are going to have to make this up to her guys!:heart:

    For Mshmount: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: