socal: MJ & roscoe's meet: Sept. __?

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  1. I figured i might as well get this thread started for our next meet. :p

    roscoe's chicken & waffles
    5006 W. Pico Blvd (near La Brea)
    los angeles, ca 90019

    what dates work best for you guys?

    i'm good with the week of mon, 9/17- thurs, 9/20 or the week after (mon, 9/24- thurs, 9/27).

    by that time, i'll definitely have my quilted amanda...;)
  2. I can't wait to see it!! I'm sure the Amanda is going to be a beauty.

    I'm thinking the week of the 24th might be best for me... I'm getting some dental surgery/work done on the 7th and I want to be healed before I dig into some fried chicken!!
  3. I can't really say for now, as my September work schedule is not yet ready. The week of the 17th or 24th will work fo me at this time.

    thundercloud- Please carry the Amanda! I'm still admiring your quilted Blake in my head. It's gorgeous! :wlae:
  4. mmm... i can tell you right now that mondays won't work for me starting september. that's when i have my rehearsals. wednesday nights aren't looking flash either. however, i might be able to wing it on either tuesday or thursday nights, though i probably won't get out into LA until 7pm. (my last class ends around 5:30... but my sked hasn't been finalized yet.)

    lemme know what works for ya'll...

    has anyone ever had sweet lady jane, right across the street from mbmj and mj boutiques? mmmm... we can pinkberry again, if you want (i still haven't gotten the dang green tea!!!) or we can try something diff. i've been to slj before and it's ok. they're rather strict about eatin' in, since they only have like two or three tables. crazy.

    thoughts, anyone? comments?
  5. I am always ready to try a new dessert... it's just hard to pass up pinkberry when it's nearby!

    That chocolate place you described sounds delish as well, but I guess it'll be closed by then?
  6. resurgam, tues/thurs nights would be fine with me. whatever works best for you guys. :yes:

    slickskin, i used the amanda as soon as i got it today! heehee...:yahoo:

    thithi, we definitely want you to be able to chew/eat the fried chicken and later in the month is fine.

    i've had sweet lady jane cake before, but i've never been there. thinking about that cake with fresh fruit layers is making me drool. :drool: heehee...but then again, i can't pass up pinkberry again either. :p

    i'm so excited about our next MJ & yummy food meet! heehee...
  7. We'll have to Yelp a new dessert place... Or we could go out for drinks! Martinis or margaritas anyone??

    Tues and Thurs work fine for me as well, as long as it's after 6.
  8. Hey! just saw the post. i'm down for any day. as long as it's after 6 as well. this time i'll bring the MP. :smile:
  9. that mashiti malone place looks good to me... it might be because it's sweltering in my house and i want to just drown in something cold and wet.

    if i can get a scoop of rosewater ice cream with cake, i think i can surive today...

    actually, the way i feel right now, i can break into mashti malone's and probably shove my face into their ice cream freezer and attempt to suffocate myself with all their flavors.

    i also heard of susina but never been. yet another cherry... heck, they're all cherries to pop. :p
  10. susina sounds great to me! the reviews make it sound delicious! and it's right off la brea, so it can't be too bad, distance-wise.

    so roscoe's and susina's bakery then? :yahoo:
  11. That berry cake sounds like it needs to be tested by us. Let's do it!
  12. cool... i'm down with both. :tup:

    however~!!! after chicken and waffles, we're gonna need to digest. big hefty meal like that, you'd best believe homegirl ain't gonna be wearin' her spanx this time!!! my friend also says they also have some drink (paradise? sunset? something?) that rocks the house too. gotta try. so i was thinkin'...

    how are we gonna digest between two venues??? thundercloud, you've been there... is getting our own plate too big to conquer and is it wiser to share or should we just attempt for it, take it to go if we can't finish it, and go to susina with what little pocket of dessert stomach i have left?

    oh yeah, guess which cherry i need to pop? canters. yup. poor me. i misrepresent my inner jewess. *tsk*
  13. Susina Bakery has AWESOME desserts! You gals will have fun there. I got desserts from them last year for Valentines Day and my husband went "nutso" for them.
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