socal: MJ & korean tofu meet..=)

  1. i agree that it's about time we start a new thread, so here we are. ;)

    there's a pinkberry up in PV and they're opening up one in el segundo off sepulveda. but i'm not sure when that's happening. there are chodangs in torrance, city of industry and cerritos.

    i read a good yelp review about this place called "beverly soon tofu" in k-town, on olympic & vermont?

    what do you girlies think? it's on the border of k-town, not in the heart of it, so hopefully it won't be as crazy? the drivers in k-town scare me. :wtf:

    i'm not sure where the pinkberry is in relation to this place though...

    for the week of 8/13, if it works any better, i can do mon, 8/13; wed, 8/15, and thurs, 8/16. :smile:

    i'm so excited! my first tPF meet. :yahoo:
  2. It sounds so fun! :crybaby:Too bad I live in Denver...
  3. ^^I know! Too bad I live in Texas. :sad: Have a great time ladies. Make sure to take a group picture of your bags. I've seen other forums do that. That way if you're shy and don't want your faces in the pic, at least we can see your beautiful bags!
  4. If there is an empty chair at the table, please pretend that I'm sitting there and order me a nice adult beverage!
  5. aw, I wanna go! But I'm stuck in the pacific NW...
  6. You all should come out! What's a few hundred miles anyway? LOL....

    I'm there, any of those dates are good with me, specifically monday and thursday.

    I've heard BST is suppose to be good as well. Let's try it!
  7. bump! Let's decide on a date!
  8. hey hey~~ whoever stays near there should join~!!! hehehe... :dothewave::party::dothewave:
  9. I'm new to tPF, but I would love to go. Mondays and Wednesdays are usually good for me!
  10. how about mon, 8/13 at 6:30 or 7?

    thithi, meletonmc, does that work for you?

    hooray, soon tobu!! :yahoo:

    anyone else want to join us?
  11. That will work for me!

    I think Resurgam may still be interested, we should pm her and confirm.
  12. bumping this thread...

    anyone else interested? ;)
  13. bump...;)

    thithi, i PM'd resurgam.

    anyone else want korean tofu next week? YUMMY!
  14. Darn it! I'm in San Diego! This woud be so fun...
  15. thanks thundercloud! I hope she joins us.

    slickskin, come up!! it'll be worth the drive! I gotta meet my RAOK buddy in person. :flowers: