SoCal members - best place to buy Chanel

  1. Can anybody recommend me a SA at Saks/NM/Bloomies in Costa Mesa (SCP) or the Nordies in Topanga? I've been wanting a Chanel purse (not decided, going to see what they have and what I can waitlist for;)) and I know many of you scored a slightly lower price by taking advantage of store promos (ECG/cc's, etc)

    Any advice on how you scored your best chanel purchase? :p

    Also...can anybody name this exact purse and price of it for me? [​IMG] I am DYING for it, but I'm guessing I can't get it in stores anymore?

    I'm hoping to go this weekend. My birthday is next week and I think I deserve a present! :yes: TIA!
  2. south coast is def worth a trip imo because if you can't find what you're looking for at bloomies, you can check out the actual chanel boutique in the mall to find more styles. Nordies in topanga is kinda small but they mite have what you're looking for too.
  3. thanks sillyolbear!

    i'm still trying to decide which department store to purchase from. i'm planning to sign up for cards at one of them and get 10% off.

    does anybody know in terms of getting egc or rewards which store is better (saks/nm/bloomies/Nordies)?
  4. That looks like a flap with MM lock and bijoux chain. I believe it's $2595.
  5. no prob, there's no neimans at south coast fyi, doesn't open til 08
  6. Saks at SCP does not carry chanel bags, because of the boutique inside the mall, bloomies have a great selection plus if you open a new account you will be able to purchase a Chanel with a 15% off, but is good until this Sunday 9/16 per SA Erna, NM in Newport Beach has great selection too, and let not forget the boutique in Beverly Hills and NM & Saks / BH too.
  7. Sak's also gives you 10% off if you apply for a new credit card that works on Chanel.
  8. Does the Bloomies carry Chanel at SCP?
    My friend is looking for a GST before the prices go up and 15% would be great for her.
  9. yes they do. and i think for chanel it's 10%-it's an exception..or at least that's what i saw on a sign.
  10. is this a special promotion or what is going on until Sunday 9/16?
  11. Try Hector over at the Chanel in Nordstrom Topanga. I bought my Medallion there and my mother bought her GST there. He is so sweet and is willing to bring up more than one of a purse so you can get the best bag! Plus I love Nordstrom customer service. They are way nicer and not snobby like they are at Chanel in Saks. If you do use Saks in BH, ask for Joo. If you go to Neimans in Newport Fashion Island, ask for Trey. He's super nice!
  12. I dont know for sure, but thats what my SA Erna at Bloomies told me and BTW she told me 15% off on Chanel until 9/16.
  13. Hi,
    Has anyone seen the silver LTD edition wallet that came out for Fall 07? I am dying to get it!!!! Thanks for your replies....