SoCal Meeting....

  1. Ranskimmie, you are right, it was last weekend.

    I'm sorry you missed it. I hope this helps and doesn't leave you wondering if it happened or not.

    It looks like they had a lot of fun.

    Can someone that went to the lunch please introduce us to everyone? I would love to put a face to our PF IDs.
  2. come you didn't go? I want to plan another one this Bev Hills or somewhere in the LA area.
  3. Thanks for your help ilibags. please let us all know what a great time you had, and . Wish I could have joined ya!

  4. aww, thanks for asking shoegalalabama (boy that's a lot of "a"s0

    I wish I could have gone!! I live in San Diego and I was at a seminar this weekend.

    I hope I can go to the next one. Did you go?
  5. [quote=ranskimmie
    please let us all know what a great time you had, and when we shall try again. Wish I could have joined ya.
  6. . So you are good to go again!
  7. Not to worry, we'll get this thing up and running again real soon. If anyone has any suggestions regaurding another PF party, just leme' know:graucho: :biggrin:
  8. I didn't go because I dont have a car so im hoping we can have another meeting nearer to me.. (Los angeles area)..I really want to meet everybody.
    we should have one this summer. :yes:
  9. Definitely!!! I'll be happy to help organize it, PM me with dates (weekends) that work for you all and we can start planning.
  10. Yes! Lets do it. O.K. I will start by asking which city is best for everyone.
    1. Riverside County
    2. Orange County
    3. L.A. County I think the majority should rule. Thoughts anyone?:idea:
  11. LA county for me...(isnt orange county where the last one was?) sorry only moved to USA 4 months ago
  12. LA for me too. Was thinking we can either do Rodeo Drive or Beverly Center.
  13. Yep, it was at a fantastic mall, the South Coast Plaza. That place is tough to beat IMO:biggrin:
  14. Ok lets get this thing going then.... strike while the irons hot??? Ill happily organize it with pseub...she probably knows the area better than me...shall we PM ideas?
  15. Sounds good! If people want to PM me their e-mail addy's, I can put together an evite of other group e-mail and we can work toward settling on a date and place.