SoCal Confession...I Bought a Spy Today Because it Looked Good with my Outfit

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  1. Totally unplanned, impulsive purchase... I bought a Fendi spy today because it was there and it looked great with my outfit... Bad, bad, bad... Will be in Italy and London in the next two weeks and planned on a new b-bag purchase... To keep or return my new chocolate spy... Had to engage in tPF "confession"... :shame:

    I have actually purchased and sold the spy twice...for some reason, she now seems classic and she just cried out "Take me to Europe...I will look great with the new shoes you have purchased!"..."I promise, Ramona (JC) and I can be friends..."
  2. Oohhh SoCal, I love reading about your "shopping confessions" :amuse: I've certainly done it before (impulsively buying a bag because it looks good with my outfit that day), but after playing around with it at home and trying it on with different outfits, I realize that the bag wasn't meant to be. So off it went back to Nordies. I know you've been selling a lot of your lovely collections recently, so I think you deserve a new handbag or two. But learning from my experience, play around with the bag & multiple different outfits & see whether the bag is meant to be or not. By the way I would LOVE to see pics of your new Spy! :love:
  3. Wait a minute, where are the pics????? I would definitely keep her. She is so pretty!!! I love the texture of the leather, the braids, not to mention that gorgeous luscious chocolate color. Yummy!!!!
  4. Will post pics later...have to bond with DH for a bit now...
  5. Congrats SoCal!!! I love my choc spy.....never thought it would be my favorite bag. It's great for travel!
  6. Hmmm...let DH in on latest acquisition over of chocolate spy below...she IS going to Italy with me...DH found it humorous that I could not wait for next bag purchase until actually in Europe...
    Chocolate Spy 004.jpg Chocolate Spy 003.jpg
  7. Oooohhh...she's BEAUTIFUL.
    So worth the impulsive purchase. What a lucky bag that you heard her cries to take her home and now she is off to Jet set to Europe :smile:
  8. Congrats SoCal! Beautiful, the leather is amazing! Also, Gladys is very happy in the South Bay! THANKS!
  9. So glad to hear Gladys is happy! Told DH, I bought a bag that he has seen before...he asks which one...I make him guess...he guesses Edith, Gladys, Chloe, another Ramona, Balenciaga, a YSL muse...he needs several hints to recall the lovely Fendi sisters that "visited" earlier in the fall...we are both quite happy with the chocolate spy...all is well in SoCal...
  10. SoCal, Congrats. Chocolate Spy is beautifullllllll.........
  11. SoCal.... KEEEEEEEEP IT!!!!!! :biggrin: lol.... it's a gorgeous dark luscious shade and it'll look so good with all your outfits! I have one myself, same color, and I'm still very much in love with it.
  12. Wow. Beautiful. This is the best color i've seen the spy in...
  13. Keep it!!!:heart: And enjoy your trip!!!
  14. keep! if DH is ok w/ it so should you ;).
  15. oooo I love the spys.

    You should be glad to have made an impulse purchase! I had the chance to buy a brown spy back when they were below $2000 - and I passed! Like a fool! Course, i lusted after her every day after that and only recently acquired a honey.

    She's gonna be great in Europe!