SoCal & Blu, anything look familiar here?

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  1. OMG, I need to learn how to watermark! Definitely reporting, although since those pics weren't on eBay will they care? (does eBAY care about anything anyway??) Good eye, Daisy.
  2. I emailed Tedstar2001 - the watermarked name on some of the pictures - to please report to Ebay. When I looked down their feedback, I saw the bags the slimebag is selling now. :mad:
  3. I'm trying to report but since my pics weren't in an auction I'm having trouble finding the right path... you're right though - people even steal watermarked pics! And I'm trying to delete attachments from tFS but they don't let you do that yourself.....arrgh!
  4. Ugh, sorry, Blu... I wish I knew how to help! Contact one of our mods and ask them to remove your attachments here but I'm not sure what to tell you about ebay. Maybe try Live Help? I had someone steal my pics once to sell fake bags on ioffer. That is the worst feeling! I was livid.

    I saw that she stole pics from lebagboutique too. I'm going to contact her. And yeah, she even steals watermarked pics. NERVE!
  5. Hey Dais- we are able to delete our attachments here - just not over on tFS where I posted too.... I've contacted a mod there. What's silly is that the seller is using my medium chamois photo to peddle a large! (at a medium-range price). But people get rooked everyday not knowing the details...

    (and I think SoCal is off on her magnificent journey!)
  6. Daisy - is that your large and medium picture?

    Blu - he stole your pile of Chloes - that really po's me. You have spent $$$$ to take that photo - argghhh

    I hate photo theft!
  7. Horrible!!
  8. :censor: :mad: :rant: :censor: :mad: That is morally reprehensible! It amounts to theft in my book!
  9. How do you delete attachments here? I can't figure it out.

    Sellers like that are who give Ebay such a horrid reputation! :rant: :mad: :censor:
  10. So was the person who stole those pics from this forum? Ya think?
  11. My other photo is the medium chamios sitting on the paler chamois leather sofa!
    Chic you can delete photos here by going to User CP, then there's an Attachment link on the left. If you list your attachments you'll find a check-box to the right of each pic to delete. Bums me out because it's fun to share. I'll have to see if my home photo-software has a watermark feature, or just put an identifying EYEBALL in future pics!

    Roo - at least for me and SoCal, those pics were posted both here and tFS...
  12. sorry to hear about this.. yeah, make sure u complain to the right ppl so it gets resolved..
  13. That's what caught my eye! I knew that pic right away and then I saw SoCal's pics. Blu's other pics (on the sofa) might have slipped by me.

    Chic, none of the pics are mine, I just recognized my PF buddies' pics! :sick:
  14. Yes, I'd know SoCals pics any day too!! That creep!!