* sobs * I'm being attacked by LV haters


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  1. I posted a similar question to http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/my-new-lv-wallet-im-guy-opinions-needed-180123.html on another forum which I shall not name (because I don't want LV fans like you guys to be hurt like me) and was badly attacked by the haters. :crybaby:

    Here's some of the mean things they've said about my new wallet:

    - I personally don't like it. £350 is insane for a wallet, fair enough if it was amazing but it doesn't look it. Also I guess you won't be using this on nights out? Doesn't exactly fit in your pocket does it. Having your wallet on show using the chain, especially if people see it's LV is crying for a mugging.

    - Personally i think that is a crazy amount of money to spend on a wallet. I thought the money was meant to go in the wallet, not be the wallet?! I really dont see what is so special about it.

    - It's like most fashion items. The only reason it is so expensive is because it is Louis Vuitton. You'd get something similar without the chain or brand name for a fiver on the market.

    - Yuck. (IMO)

    + about 20 more negative comments about the wallet and LV brand


    Arghhhh, I feel guilty about buying the wallet now...
  2. DON'T FEEL GUILTY! Or bad about something you like!
    They are sooo rude ! They obviously don't know quality ,
    Why does it matter what they say?
    you like it , go for it!
    My wallet was £300 and i love it!
    it's something you use day to day.
  3. There will always be rude and negative people in the world. Do you like LV? Thats all that should matter. I understand getting negative comments from people about price , ect... I have encountered a lot of people making comments that were un called for. There will always be "haters" for everything. I frankly like a good debate and if everyone loved what I loved , this world would be boring and common. Good luck. Oh and we all ove LV here lol.
  4. Exactly - they're haters! Enjoy your wallet and don't let others destroy your joy!
  5. I bet some of them are jealous that you can use your money to buy an LV wallet and they can't. As long as you love it, don't let what others say get to you.
  6. Hhehee, true - I LOVE LV!!!!!!!!! And from now on I shall listen to no one else but me, my girlfriends and all the friendly people here on tPF. ;)
  7. there are so many haters in this world, don't let them get you down.
  8. mmm....why do they care how much you spend on YOUR wallet?
    if you can afford it...carry it.
  9. Ok, LV hater who voted "Hate it!" :p Why are you in here if you hate LV? :rolleyes: :lol:
  10. You're damn right!

    P.S. I love your monogram collection - very chic.
  11. stop visiting that forum. stay here where there are like minded people re: LV and those who understand the passion we have for it. those other people in the other forum just doesn't comprehend what it means to own an LV and the standards behind the history, quality and craftsmanship of an LV piece. and don't get yourself down because others don't like LV because there will always be people who do not like something or another.
  12. Thank you :heart:
  13. LOLOLOL rolf:graucho:
  14. If I have lots of money, I will always go for sth. better. I don't care about the price tag as long as I want it. Yeah! If u can afford to get it, you get it. Who cares?
  15. Well you asked for opinions, they can't all be good. Of course you get more support here, because this is a LV forum..