Sober House

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  1. I couldn't find a thread for Sober I am starting one, sorry if there is one started.
    Anyways I cannot believe Steven last week when he was totally stoned on Heroine...holy moly, why would you even take that drug??
  2. Steven is a MESS. He showed up with a pre-filled syringe, ready to shoot up.
    Mary Carey - another wreck

    The only ones I thought had any chance of sobriety were Amber and Rodney King. They both seemed to GET IT.. I love Dr. Drew, I really do, but this show is a disgrace to his profession. If he really wanted to help them he'd let them work on their sobriety away from the cameras. VH1 wants ratings and drunk washed up celebs is a ratings jackpot. I hope Amber and Rodney can stay strong and survive this sober house......

    Remember Brigette Nielsen? She has gotten herself together and looks great. But she did it away from the cameras, out of Hollyweird and it's influences. She surrounded herself with family, friends and people who loved her.
  3. Steven.....God, that was painful to watch. Even more painful was the way they dragged the whole scenario out. He was using and broke the main rule of the house. Why the hell did it seem to take so long for them to call the cops? And, where was everyone else?
  4. Everyone else was outside, it was visitation day.
    They should have let him go when he entered with dope. He was stoned when he got there.

    Sheesh, I got high just looking at him...:roflmfao:
  5. No, at first it was Visitation Day, but the lights went out and everyone was asked to leave. It was about 2:30am when the cops came and the show ended. I know the rest of them couldn't have been sleeping through all that chaos.
  6. That was a painful episode. I could not wrap my head around the fact he had no control over his movements. His lack or any coordination was zip! The other thing that really confused me was the fact that upon entering the house they are told they have 3 chances and THEN they are out. To me that is an invitation to an addicted person for one more chance to use! Hell, Im not and addict and I would so think that way! I see some relapses happening fast.
  7. Well and truth be told...Im just tune in to see Dr. Drew!!! lol, love that man.
  8. Girl, these are crackheads, they can sleep through anything...
  9. LOL! But, they seemed to never sleep in Celeb Rehab! It's like they pop up know some drug war is going down.
  10. Steven was really pissing me off. Its like if your gonna do that crap then just leave. He was jeopardizing everyone else. Selfish bastard!!!
  11. ^^ agreed! He was a mess! Why the hell get high when your just gonna be like that..let's be honest he looked miserable and didn't even look enjoyable.

    How about Mary Carey's "manager and boyfriend" the guy that was on Date my ex (can't remember his name now) and that actor he was with getting all lippy with the house mom?
  12. "Tiny" bka Deebo from Friday. Who was he there to see and WTH hell was that all about?
  13. ^Tiny was marycarey's friend or something... he was her guest to the bbq.

    as for steven- i feel so bad for his wife.

    loving this show tho.
  14. I don't think that is just about relapses, I think it is about all the other rules they have, like curfews, and no boys in the girls' rooms, and doing their assigned household tasks, etc.
  15. Supposedly, if they are found using or have drugs on them, they're out. But, again, it took them all day to put Steven out....and he checked in with drugs!