Sobe or Vernis Alma BB

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which do you prefer. sobe of alma bb vernis?

  1. sobe clutch

  2. vernis alma bb

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. hi guys! im on the market for a new back! which does everyone here prefer? i really like the clutch but im totally loving the alma bb. im also curious because at the lv website it states that its sold out. does anyone know if this would be a 'waiting list' product? anyway please! WHICH DOES EVERY PERFER!!!! im soo excited to get one of the two!!!! :yahoo:
  2. I used to be in love with Sobe. Then, I saw it in person and thought that it was too big as a clutch. I think the Alma BB is adorable, and the fact that it has two handle options makes me like it more than Sobe.
  3. I think the alma bb is so cute!
  4. Alma BB!! (=
  5. Alma BB got my biased tho because I have it in pomme!
  6. I have the Sobe, the epi electric black, and I feel like this goes with everything, really dressy and also dressy casual. I think the Alma BB is very cute, but for me, the uses would be more limited for the money.
  7. Alma BB. It is so cute!
  8. I voted for the Sobe. I love the look of a clutch.
  9. sobe, I personally just think its more elegant and feminine... but its just me! ;)
  10. I like both!
  11. alma BB!!
  12. I love the SoBe! It's a perfect sized clutch for me... It's a perfect fit for all the stuff I need for a night out/dinner, no more compromising between lipgloss/camera! :P
  13. Alma bb!!
  14. Another vote for the alma BB
  15. I voted sobe although I think the Alma BB is cute but I feel like its something i'd give my child/daughter (if I had a daughter) to wear so she could be just like mommy!