Sobe Electric Clutch, hot or not?

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  1. So I posted for clutch suggestions on the handbag forum. After pondering over some exotic vintage clutches, I still went back to the Sobe Electric Clutch.

    My only concern is the LV logo in the front. Do you think it is too much and an overkill of LV?

    So tell me what you think and I would love to see some modeling pic of it because I searched and searched and found no modeling pics.
  2. I love the Sobe Clutch, and I don't find the love on the front overkill. If you keep coming back to it, buy it!
  3. I would not carry it. Logo is entirely too large for my taste and too in your face.
  4. I have a love/hate with this bag. The logo is huge and over the top imo. But, I love the shape and the electric leather of the bag. I think for the price I would get something less logo-tastic!
  5. I don't like the large logo -- definitely overkill, IMO.
  6. I LOVE the Sobe clutch. I think the Epi Electric is gorgeous and would look amazing with any outfit.
  7. the logo is way too HUGE in my opinion..
    but i'm sure that it would look amazing with every outfits

    i'm sorry but i'm no help >__<
  8. I had the Sobe electric clutch. I sold it. My friend told me it looked like a sunglasses case...ever since that comment I could not use it. If you like it then definitely get it. As long as you don't mind the fingerprints.
  9. Now that you say that ^^. It really does. :supacool:
  10. I would never tell someone not to get something that they like. But I will have an opinion, I love the larger logo but I don't really like the clutch overall. It kinda does look like a sunglasses case.
  11. I just went to my local boutique and tried on the Rouge Fiesta Sobe (because they couldn't find my reservation for the Electric one :pout:) The logo is definitely big but a lot of times, it is cover by the hand. So it isn't always in your face.

    The Vernis is shiny but lack texture, so I definitely have to see the Epi Electric in person before I decide.
  12. I didn't think it looked like a sun glass case and it is actually a good size for my height and hands.
  13. I also tried on the following clutch/pouchettes.

    -Sunset Blvd. in Blue Nuit: Love the color and the chain strap but feels too small while holding under the arm pit.
    -Suhali Lockit Wristlet: Pretty but not shiny.
    -Epi Rouge (they were out of NOIR) Montaigue Clutch/Pouchette: I like it a lot, it feels a lot like the Sobe but much mellower. The strap is a good option. Only if it came in Electric!
    -Epi Accessory Pouchette Rouge (there were out of NOIR, they were out of EVERYTHING!): Too plain probably would be my first pick, if it came in Electric.

    Anyhow, another boutique about 30 minute drive away has the Electric Sobe so might take a drive out there over the weekend. Will keep everyone updated!
  14. Why not try an Alma BB? For an evening bag it would be really cute.

    I agree with you - I found the logo a little too big for my liking.
  15. You won't believe it! I just got a call from a SA from my boutique, the Electric Sobe was there waiting for me, they had it all along. The SA that was helping me just wasn't very "serious" looking for me... so mad! Now, they will hold it for me until tomorrow but I JUST WENT TODAY and IT WAS THERE!

    Anyhow, so will have to drag my kids along to go see it tomorrow.