Sobe Clutch in Rose (Nude) Color! Help!

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  1. So I recently purchased the new Sobe Clutch in the Rose (nude) color but returned it because I didn't have anything to match it! Now I know Christian Louboutin has Nude colored pumps that may match. Does anyone know if the two colors are the same "nude" shade, if that makes sense. Any help will be very much appreciated! I don't own a pair of nude CLs so if anyone here does, please let me know if the colors match. :biggrin:

  2. Honestly, I know exactly which shoes you are taking about and they look pretty darn similar to me. Plus, your handbag will be far away from your shoes to look like it matches perfectly. Plus, the Sobe looks fab with black shoes, too!
  3. I think you will be good.
  4. Thanks Sarahguz! You have a great point about the bag and shoes being far from each other! Thanks for your help! I think I'm going to get my clutch back!