*sob* The Bag I Can't Have...

  1. I saw this bag in a magazine yesterday... it's only $250AUD, but evidentally sold out Australia-wide. I called the company's head office to ask if it were available anywhere and they told me they're continuing the colour later this month, but I leave the country on Friday. I can get a girlfriend to buy it for me, but I'm worried about the colour. The girl at head office called it "yellow" and the girl at the store called it "mustard" and insisted that the two colours are different.

    Alright, so I've had a bad week and I'm probably getting a little obsessive... but this bag just speaks to me!

    Can someone make me feel better by telling me it's an 'inspired' version of a designer label I don't recognise or that they bought it from China or something and it's available in another country under a different label?

  2. who is the bag by in aus??
  3. Midas... they have it in black, pale pink and white if you happen to live here :yes:
  4. I feel your pain. It's a pretty bag
  5. That's a cute bag! Don't be sad...maybe it'll turn up.
  6. it's a lovely bag! my fingers are crossed for you.

    i feel the same way about the tano horse's mouth in military green. i discovered it at the tail end of the season when it was sold out in this color - and when i say sold out, i mean sold out all over the world. but maybe it'll turn up one day on evilbay!

    the moral of the story is this: there's always hope! keep your eyes peeled :yes:
  7. Thanks girls - I knew you'd understand! :welcome:

    I'm just hoping that yellow = mustard...
  8. That bag is a beauty!

    I had the same thing last year with the Prada cervo deerskin satchel. It was not available here (the only one I found was from suede), so I could only envy all the celebrities in the magazines and drool over it.... it is now available on eBay.... don't know if it's real, but that's another story ;)
  9. Pretty bag. I love the color, as it is not too bright.
  10. I always do this to myself, find something I want right at the end of the season when it's a frantic search. I hope yellow does = mustard and that you find this lovely bag!