*SOB* My new CHANEL sunglasses broke...on my way to exchange my LAST pair of CHANEL's

  1. I can't believe it!!

    LAST friday I ordered a new pair of Chanel sunglasses 4136 (they are kind of old so they were hard to find) so on Tuesday I was talking to a friend fiddling around when the arm broke!! :confused1:

    In complete shock (since I spent about $400 on them) I went to the boutique and they told me my best bet is to exchange for a new pair. what are the odds?

    So tomorrow, I'm going to go through with the exchange (I held back because I was thinking about trying to repair, when i saw a pair that Im going to get).

    After this, no more CHANEL sunnies for me...but everything else applies ;)

    the old ones that broke:

    My new ones Im replacing:

    these arms look like it would be dam near impossible to break:yahoo: I know, I tried them on
  2. Sorry to hear that. I don't know whats up with Chanel lately! I hope you enjoy your new sunglasses just as much!
  3. I'm so sorry, but I'm glad that you found a new pair that's going to work for you.
  4. Aargh!! Wait, where on the arm did they break, in the middle of the arm? Just snapped in two pieces? The integrity of plastic breaks down. Usually it's over a long time span, but extremes in temps will weaken -- that's what I was told years ago when my first Ray Bans finally broke. But new Chanels!!! What kind of hell is this and do you really want to spend that kind of money again? (Rhetorical question, btw.)
  5. oh no. i sorry about your new chanel sunnies. at least you found the new pair.
  6. glad you found a new pair
  7. The new pair you're getting is very durable. They look awesome on. Nice choice.:tup:
  8. the arm that connects to the body of the glasses broke! it looks like it was glued on. unbelievable!!

    I will not be buying anymore Chanel sunnies after this
  9. Wow that sucks! Sorry that happened to you~!
  10. It's not Chanel. The sunnies are made by Luxottica. I doubt Chanel even designs them.

    However, Luxottica is supposed to be very high end. What's up with their quality control!
  11. I have the 4136's. got them a little over a year ago. One of the arms is VERY loose. the other is fine. They havent seen daylight in several months, I dont want to take them out of the box. Im done buying the shades. However, I love the eye glasses. I wear mine everyday, and they are just like new. Luxottica is "high end" i guess. But you have to remember they also make sunglasses for target and such, so you are paying $400 for these glasses that are made next to $20 ones. I dont like that.
  12. Omg....that's terrible!

    Sorry to hear that and hope you can get a new pair in replacement for this one.
  13. So sorry your sunnies broke. Hope you have better luck w your new ones.