SOB-FEST!! what movie(s) make you lose it?

  1. :crybaby: Which films make you break down and cry like a baby?

    Me, I'm an animal-lover so any "animal-in-peril" flick just tears me up! Recently watched "Eight Below" with DH and stepsons, and sobbed uncontollably throughout! Everyone kept asking me if I was OK which was embarrassing but I couldn't help it! How 'bout you?
  2. Titanic :shame: it gets me everytime!
  3. Have to say Steal Magnolias for me. Gets me everysingle time.
  4. Sweet November! And Pay it Forward! *Sniff*
  5. :crybaby: Legends of the Fall :crybaby:

    all the time it just jerks the tears out!
  6. I'm a it's Of Mice and Men, I haven't watched it in years, too sad.
  7. Embarassed to admit, but "A Walk to Remember" makes me bawl everytime.
  8. the last movie I cried a lot was Click, yeah the movie by Adam Sandler.... go figure.....
  9. OMG this one is so bad! My husbands laughs at me everytime! I cry in Braveheart when Mel Gibson's wife dies LOL
  10. Bambi....ever since I was a little girl. Still makes me cry just thinking about it!!
  11. i cried in that movie too!

    but the notebook, omg i was bawling throughout the whole thing.
  12. I'm pretty much a cry baby!Most movies are guaranteed to get a few tears out of me but the ones that make me snot and snort are : "The Color Purple", "Beaches", "Stepmom" and "The Notebook".
  13. March of the Penguins - I haven't watched it again since the first time I've seen it. BF is too scared to get it for me on DVD. I cried through the whole thing.
  14. Awakenings.


    Million Dollar Baby (the only movie I have audibly cried at in a theatre).
  15. Ghost...old school....but it gets me...