Sob! Chanel's STOLEN..... my fault:(

  1. Pretty sad, though my fault.:shame:

    Was visiting the US, San Fran, my favorite city, for about 10 days.
    Left stuff in rental car trunk and made the second mistake of opening the trunk in the same place I parked it, which I never ever ever do.:yucky:

    Lovely, upscale and residential part of san fran, but folks must have been watching me open the trunk to remove something, because in the middle of the night they took everything....
    Of course I know never to leave stuff again, but I am so sad:crybaby:and mad at myself too.:censor:

    In addition to my luggage(!) they took 1) my Medium Red Patent Luxe ligne bowler, 2) my Ultimate Soft Large/Medium non-quilted, 3) my Vintage Ligne Square Bowler in Burgundy (eBay just arrived) and a departure from my norm, 4) the large size cognac Gucci Hobo (just mailed to me on a charge send).

    Yes, yes, why were these in the trunk that night? I KNOW!!

    Was leaving soon and saw myself being organized and packing/planning ahead, loaded the stuff at a separate location, several miles away, but opened the trunk to retrieve something much later at the parked location.

    DH was lovely. He helped replace the first 2 immediately from Chanel SF and Neimans' SF respectively.The rest I will wait for. Checking to see what insurance covers, filed a police report etc...back home now.

    Silly mistake and kicking myself over and over again......:sad:
  2. What a shame!!! I hope your insurance covers everything, but it won't cover the annoyance of having to replace all your stuff. People are so mean. I never put stuff in my trunk at the mall for this same reason.
  3. I'm so sorry!!! What a way to ruin a vacation! I hope insurance can help you to recoup some of your losses.
  4. Thanks, lulilu.....
  5. Thanks joeyjimmy...:sad:
  6. I am so sorry that happened to you.:wtf:

    No one deserves to have their treasured items stolen no matter what! Your husband sounds like a treasure as well. :smile:

    I hope everything works out with your insurance. Good luck!
  7. Oh, I'm so, so sorry. Even in the nicest areas of town, people target cars that are parked on the street. I see young kids (aka "punks") riding around late at night and early in the morning on dirt bikes and they always have backpacks. You just KNOW they are scoping out cars to see if there's anything to take. Smash and grab is a way of living, unfortunately.

    Again, I am SO sorry this happened. I hope insurance covers everything for you.

    I wish I knew you were in town, you could have stored your lovely bags at my place and safely! Take care.
  8. That's so unfortunate ... will be really mad if that happened to me. Hopefully, your insurance covers all your losses.
  9. Omg...that is horrible! So many bags...

    Did you file a police report? I bet they show up on eBay....
  10. At least it can all be replaced and nothing happened to you. You are very lucky to have a DH to kindly replace some straight away x
    1. Thank you xegbl, angelhipster, cammy...
    2. lori: So sweet! Yes, maybe I will store with you next time, hee hee:smile:
    3. sophia lee: Yes, filed a police report - I know, regarding eBay. If a red patent one shows up from CA I will bet it's mine as I have never seen one advertised ever!

    Have a nagging feeling did not opt for protection of goods on the rental car.....
  11. Oh no! I would just cry cry cry!! So sorry this happened to you. People who steal suck!
  12. If you lie and say it happened in your driveway your homeowners Insurance will cover it. Now I'm not suggesting you lie or anything.....
  13. this happened a few years ago to me at a club, and they took my gucci sunglasses and kate spade bag (it was a huge, huge deal for me, as i was 17 and just beginning to enjoy the finer things in life). i know how you feel! you're blessed to have a DH who replaced both so quickly, but i know that doesn't make the feeling of having done something so careless go away.

    hopefully all will be recouped at least in the form of funds...

    best of luck.
  14. Oh no that is horrible, I feel so sorry for you! :crybaby:
    Take care and a big hug from me *hug*