*sob* am I being petty?

  1. so I order the GIGI tote in whiskey a few days ago, because I swore if they ever came out with a large tote in whiskey it was going to be ALL mine!!

    It came yesturday, and I was thrilled. put all my stuff in, and was excited to use it

    today, get in the car and the light hits the side and I think WHAT IS THAT!!?? it looks like on the side of the front pocket there is some chaffing or something?? and there is a TINY black spot, like a really tiny lol spot on the other pocket. I noticed this as I was checking for more chaffing type leather.:crybaby:

    so, I fired off an email to coach.com :cursing:letting them know I was less than happy with a defective item (I usually have good luck, but this is the third defective item in about 8 months), and said I was tired of driving an hour to return, and I was not going to be paying shipping for THIER mistake.

    I have a feeling I will still be out return shipping, or gas money, not to mention the shipping I paid to get it, all for a defective item! :cursing:

    anyone have any experience with this? I returned the other 2 defective items, one a necklace and the other satchel, but I am tired of eating shipping, and gas money:nogood:
  2. If you're really upset I don't think you're being petty. I buy most of my items at the outlet so I really don't mind a few rubs or dings. But if you're buying retail and are unhappy with the product, then by all means return it.
  3. yeah, it was 750ish after tax and shipping, so not cheap at all. I cant figure out if its chaffing or fuzz thats etched into the bag lol, its hard to describe, but its not right. its only in that one spot, but its a good bit of the area. granted, nobody can probably see it but me, but I dont think I should pay so much for a less than perfect bag.

    I understand when stripes dont line up, or when the scarf print isnt exactly as I want it, thats what happens with those bags and I consider it a risk of not getting exactly what I want, but plain all over leather, should not be defective

    its not even like its distressed leather or scratched. its chaffing??

    I am just dissapointed and dont want to use it after paying so much and expecting a perfect leather bag
  4. I got very mad when I received my sig Ergo and there was a stitch popped on it, so I definitely don't think you're being petty. I made sure to check the replacement I had gotten carefully and I still missed the striations on the leather. It's not noticeable until the light hits it, but I know it's there and it bothers me. I'm not driving back to a boutique so I have to live with it, but there's no reason for Coach NOT to hear about it if they've given you a defective bag! You're paying good money for their products and you expect them to be delivered in the best condition.
  5. I am not going to keep it, I will end up returning it, I am just mad I am out the shipping, and yet again, have to drive an hour away to return. there is a reason I shop online!:rolleyes:

    It will be interesting to see if they even reply to me. said it will take 2-4 days. I took the tags off, because I fully intended to use it, but still have the tags, and of course my online recipet. the bag only made it to my car, when I noticed the light hitting it and I was NOT happy:cursing:
  6. Not petty at all for that kind of money. If you wanted a less than perfect bag you could go to Wal-Mart or Target. You are paying for quality and quality is what you should have. I would call CS and let them know about this experience as well as the others and let them know that you should not have to be out anything (gas or postage) due to the poor quality of the bag received. It should not have passed inspections. If that person does not accomodate you go to their supervisor. Keep going to get the response you deserve. If we dont demand good cs it will eventually become non existent. I dont think you will have a problem with them though. Good luck!
  7. I received my natural Ali from PCE and the stap has this huge bubble like line running the whole length of the strap. I called the store and they ordered another one for me and now the new one that shipped has a deep line across the front flap,(about 3") right near the Coach insignia.

    Also my new Legacy striped wallet, also from PCE, had a stain right on the cream color stripe so they ordered another one for me also.

    Oh and I almost forgot, my Legacy stripe coin purse has the material fraying along the stitch line. So that goes back too! I am giving up!

    Now I have double the $$$ on my credit card, which pi$$e$ me of more than anything and I'm in the same position as you as far as an hour to drive to the nearest store(outlet) or two hours to KOP store to return this stuff.

    pCE was great but now the $$$ in gas and time wasted to return this stuff how much did I really save????:confused1:
  8. I don't think you're being petty at all. Bottom line, you need to be happy with what you buy, no matter what it is or how much it costs. If there's something that bothers you every time you look at it, then back it goes. :tdown:
  9. Patches, you inspired me . I just sent off an email to them also!
  10. yeah, good for you!! :tup: I think mabye if more of us complain about how much we are actually loosing because of their mistakes, they may start refunding shipping at least, if you order online

    I do not think the customer should be out ANY ANY ANY money for a mistake that is not theirs. I always end up loosing on shipping, because when they send me a bag thats defective, I no longer want another of that bag because I am afraid of it being defective.

    even IF I drive an hour to the store they never have anything good in stock, it always has to be ordered then I have to wait ....again

    I am either out money for gas which is not cheap anymore for an hour one way trip or out shipping to return the defective bag.

    not fair at all!:cursing:

    when we buy something on eBay, and its not right dont we expect to be refunded ALLLLLL shipping involved if having to mail back?? why are we not demanding the same from the big companies?:confused1:
  11. Patches4me, you're doing the right thing, IMO. When I receive my bags, I am not looking for perfection because they are mostly leathers or suedes and there will be variations in those surfaces. But I get hung up on consistancy when they match the leathers for a bag. I hate to see panels of smooth leather, then a panel or two of deeply textured leathers. It just looks mismatched to me. As if someone had their eyes closed when they made the selections for a particular bag.

    But whatever disturbs you, you have to get another bag to your liking, or it will drive you crazy.

    I am fortunate to be near several boutiques, and I do ask them to let me see the other bags in that style, then I choose the best one for me. If something still bothers me, I will go to another store to check out their selection. COACH has always been very accommodating to me with this request, so that I can handpick my bag. Boy, would I love to go the JAX to handpick from there!!!

    Hopefully, you'll be able to get a bag that you're pleased with & they will refund your postage!
  12. Regarding your Ali strap issue, can you just switch the straps on the bags? I own the plum suede Ali and the strap detaches from the bag via dogleash on one side, and unbuckles midway from the other side. (There will still be a shorter piece of strap that is permanantly attached to the bag.) If your 'long bubble' is on the portion of the strap that can be completely removed, just switch that portion from the newly ordered bag to your original bag that has the acceptable body!

    Hope this helps for the Ali, Good Luck!
  13. Coachgrl, I may do that , however, the two naturals are not really the same color.:sad: One is a lighter color and the other is a littler darker even tho over time I'm sure it will match up. Still debating whether or not I should switch the straps or just give up already!
    I have not had such bad luck with Coach in a long time.
    After reading all the other stories , maybe I'm lucky!
    Thanks for the suggestion tho:yes:
  14. I would call because sometimes you can get stuff across more if you speak directly to a person. Hopefully they will cover all shipping charges and you get what you paid for!!!
  15. personally, i don't think it matters where you buy...target, the dollar store, burberry, prada, coach, fendi, etc...one should not receive something that is damaged or made poorly...i remember about 15 years ago buying a coach bag, it was suede, dark green and i loved it...well, the stitching came out on that one and i exchanged it...to make a long story short, it happened on FOUR bags...i'm telling you, i work hard for my money and don't want to pay for defective items...i'd hold hard and firm to your bottom line and i'd even call the 1800 cs number and ask to speak with a manager...then tell the manager what's been going on and i'm sure he/she will take care of shipping and handling...i'm sorry you had this experience...