SOAPNet to go dark in Jan 2012 to make way for...

  1. A New Disney kids channel :cursing: WHAT??? :censor:

    With all the freakin kids channels already who needs 24 hours a day of more kids crap?????:pout: They should be in school or reading not watching more tv!!

    I am pissed!!! I love that I can catch repeats of my Soaps, like today, the Prez was on during Y&R and I wont miss it because of SoapNet. And I love watching old Beverly Hills 90210 and The OC.

    I hate change :mad:
  2. Seriously...don't they have enough channels!!!
  3. James Brown once sang "This is a man's world." Now it seems that this is a kid's world. Why would they need to have an additional channel? There's already Nick and Noggin and ABC Family and Disney and who knows what else.
  4. On my guide now I see these:

    ABC Family
    Disney channel
    DXD which is some sort of Disney channel
    Nick Toons
    Nick Jr.
    Teen Nick
    Nick Too
    Discovery Kids

    Isnt that enough :rolleyes:
  5. WTF?!?!?!?!

    It's bad enough they show non-soaps on the channel (Beverly Hills 90210, Party of Five, Finding Erica etc), and stopped showing classic soaps (i.e., Port Charles, Edge of Night, ATWT) but now this??

    That's ridiculous!! Just because Disney owns the damn channel, doesn't mean they have to turn it into ANOTHER kid's related programming channel!!

    Time to start writing!!:rtr:
  6. The channel they're creating in its place is "Disney Junior" geared towards pre-schoolers and toddlers. We already have Sprout and Nik Jr - it's obvious that ABC/Disney is jumping on the bandwagon to compete with them, but why? It's not necessary!! Everyone complains that today's kids are unhealthy, overweight and lack the discipline that we all recd when we were kids - the answer to that is MORE television programming to plop your kids in front of the TV to watch???

    If they MUST create a channel like this, why take away one that's watched by actual adults - the ones that PAY the cable bills!!! Just add another stupid channel and leave SoapNet alone!!

    Here is a petition that's currently running:

    it may do no good, but I say it's better than doing nothing
  7. Yeah that is my beef. Kids today are so overweight its gross. Its irresponsible of the lazy parents that let it happen to their kids!!!! So what do they do let them sit on the couch and watch more tv or play Nintendo. Makes perfect sense I guess....NOT!!!!!

    I mean kids today cant even count in their head. Just try to get change out of some of the teens working in stores...if they dont punch it in to the register then forget it LOL! Have you watched some of these kids shows? Some are so ridiculous, its no wonder kids are goofy today!

    I dont know what is wrong with this world anymore!! Its so out of whack!
  8. this makes me sad. love soapnet. I signed the petition!
  9. Sure, let's give the kids yet ANOTHER reason to plant themselves in front of the TV, eating junk, gaining weight and becoming more lethargic! DON'T GET ME STARTED!!!!!

    p.s. Not to mention all of the Nickeloden and Disney channels are also on "On Demand", so yea.....snatch up another good channel and make it a crap channel. I suppose the only programs they figure "adults" enjoy are HGTV, Lifetime and We.
  10. I enjoy watching the OC on Soapnet and my grandparents watch it to catch up on Y&R. There are way too many kids channels on TV. There should be a couple of them, and the rest should be available as a subscription add-on package like those foreign language or sports channels.
  11. boohoo!
  12. Yep, maybe we should see if there is a petition out there. I don't even watch the channel all the time, but I like the option that it's there.

  13. there is - I posted the link in this later post (there's also a link there so you can post it to your FB, My Space or Blog pages):

  14. Oh wow!!
    Ok I just signed the petition.
    I NEED SOAPnet.
    I dvr Y&R everyday at 7pm on SOAPnet because I already have 2 other shows recording at 4pm when YR comes on CBS. :graucho:
  15. I am very upset about this too! I am going to sign the petition right away!