Soap Operas!!!

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  1. Do any of you watch soaps? Whats your favorite one? I've been watching Days of Our Lives for like 12 years, my mom and I used to watch :lol:

    I went a couple years without watching, but now that I figured out what time Days is on Soapnet I'm always watching. Getting into All My Children now as well :shame:

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who watches!
  2. I used to watch Days, but I have not seen it in about a year. My great grandma used to watch Days. When she would get mad, she would yell and curse in German at the tv. I like how Days occasionally brings old school people back, using the original actors.
  3. I am a big Y&R fan. I've been watching since I was a kid...literally. Some of the stories are a bit crazy, but compared to some of the other soaps, it's not that silly.
  4. General Hospital!!!
  5. Friends !!!:nuts:
  6. Hahaha Noriko you are not alone. I Tivo, The Young & The Restless & The Bold & The Beautiful .
  7. I used to work at a CBS TV station about 15 years ago and got hooked on B&B, ATWT and GL. I can't follow what's going on with B&B anymore because I can't watch often enough, but I still see enough of World Turns and Guiding Light to follow the story lines. The think that always cracks me up is 1) James Stembeck coming back from the dead multiple times and 2) how when people have kids, they disappear when they turn 8, and suddenly show up as teenagers a year later so they can have their own plot lines.
  8. I watch As The World Turns every day.
  9. Noriko! your not alone! in fact, our stories are very similar...i also used to watch days with my mom...and watching it now brings back great childhood memories...
    And dont get me started on the miracles of Soap Net, it has gotten me hooked on all three ABC soaps...general hospital is now my favorite though:love:
  10. The days of our lives :biggrin:
    It's so stupid it has to be funny :biggrin:
  11. I watch Days everyday..and if I'm not home, I record it on the PVR. I also do the same with Y&R.
  12. i used to watch soap operas with my nana. I used to be in :love: with General Hospital, but the story line is kind of :sick:. i haven't watched in a year or so. Now, you're making me wanna check it out again. :lol:
  13. i think that the most ridiculous soap by far, is PASSIONS...i used to be into that show but recently it has really gone down the drain!
  14. I tivo Footballers Wives (I guess it's more of a Brit nighttime soap). LOL the trash is too much for me sometimes, though.
    Passions seems crazy... the lion's paw and the chimp LOL
  15. I watch 'em all-even Footballers Wives,as I am working on the computer all day. Primarily All My Children(Erica Kane was the one who originally started my fashion obsession,lol),As The World Turns, and General Hospital.