Soap Opera Fans (GH) Wed 6/20 - Maxie's Bag

  1. I just finished watching General Hospital, and I just LOVED :heart: the bag that "Maxie" (Kirsten Storms) was carrying. It is a larger, grey bag, with longer whip-stitched handles, tassels on the ends. I couldn't get a good look at the body (even though I went frame-by-frame - my kids were yelling at me to let it play!!). It looked like it could have been an Isabella Fiore, but not sure.

    If anyone on the west coast can still watch GH today, or if you have Soapnet and can watch it tonight (it's on at 9:00 CST and 2:00am CST), and knows who makes her bag, I'd greatly appreciate it!!

    It was such a cute bag - I'm going to try contacting Soap Opera Digest cuz they have a fashion column where they give out the names of designers for items worn on the show - hopefully, I can get an answer somewhere!
  2. It will be on in 15min. here. I will watch and report back if I have any info!
  3. No one on the west coast saw the bag? It's on Soapnet in about 45 minutes (9:00 CST) - I'm going to watch it again and see if I missed her carrying it in some other scene (the one I saw was outside "Kelly's"). She always has the cutest clothes & bags (she's had a few MJ bags and a Kooba. I also think one time she was carrying a Moni Moni). She's supposed to work in a hotel's "boutique" so I guess that's how/why she's always wearing the cutest styles! I wonder what they do w/all that stuff after they've used it????
  4. I seen the bag when she came out of the diner. Its very cute, but I don't think its an Isabella. Whatever it is I wouldn' t mind having it though.
  5. I love how Maxie dresses and she has had several things that I really liked. I loved that bag too.. I almost think its a gerrard darel bag it looks very similar to the charlotte I have the charlotte in brown. The grey color was great her bag was in. Last week she had a clear and leather bag similar to a kelly from wet seal. I hope today she has the grey bag on again and we can figure out who it is by..