Coupon Codes up to 20% on top of their manf. coupons

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  1. #1 Oct 1, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2010

    20SAVE 20% off your entire first order, plus free two day shipping over $25!
    SOAPSPLASH 15% off your first order !
    AFFMAKE 20% off your first purchase of makeup & fragrance !
    AFFSKIN 20% off your first purchase of skin care !
  2. Thanks for the codes!
    Browsing is not as easy as it is with but is a great site too. I got my first order yesterday. Free overnight shipping is awesome! I actually got a postcard in mail with a one-time use code, which happened to be 20% as well.
  3. I have made a bunch of orders with them. Are the codes they're mailing out for repeat customers? I hope so, i love but almost all the codes i find are for new customers or first time order.

    Did the coupon come in the mail, or in one of your orders?
  4. It came in the mail and said the code was for the first time purchase. Darn! I was hoping they would have codes for repeat customers. :sad:
  5. ONE DAY ONLY! 30% Off ALL Skin Care at Use code SKINCARE30 at checkout.

    The details: Must purchase a minimum of any 6 items on to qualify for this promotion. Maximum discount is $50. Offer valid until midnight EST or while supplies last. Other restrictions apply.

    This code does not stack with above codes.