Soana Sacoche Dilemma!!! Help!!

  1. Hi guys! I am so in love with the Soana Sacoche Bag but having alot of trouble deciding between the larger and the smaller size. I'll just list some pros and cons:

    Small (MM)

    -looks great as a messenger bag unfolded
    - perfect size as a messenger bag
    - very practical
    cons: - cannot be used as a tote bag :cursing:
    - when folded as a smaller messenger bag, it's a bit too small.

    Large (GM)
    - Looks AMAZING as a tote bag
    - When folded, looks great as a messenger bag

    - Cannot be used as a messenger bag unfolded :cursing:
    - Too large even as a tote - unpractical

    So there we have it!! Two truly AMAZING bags, but which size should i choose? I'm sorry it's taking forever, but let me make my final conclusion lol...

    - The smaller one cannot be used as a tote bag but can be used as a messenger bag UNFOLDED - which i love!

    - The larger one cannot be used as a messenger bag unfolded, but CAN be used as a tote bag unfolded - which i also love!

    Thanks a million!!!:heart:
  2. i think it depends if you already have a big bag. i would go with the big one because i carry a load of junk, but even though its a mens bag i am very tempted by the small one
  3. GET THE MM!!!!!!! :nuts: I LOVE the soana saccoooooooche bags!!! its awesomeness beats all other womanly bags except the Bum bag!!! LOL! Have you seen pix of its presto-changeo-transforming power? Ducky has some wonderful pix:yes:

    (The large one is ginormous imo... )
  4. I'd get the MM as well.
  5. MM I too plan on buying one of these bags and I went back and forth between both sizes, the GM is just TOO big, I played with the MM @ the store and fell in love, my mind was instantly made up!
  6. MM is great!! I would use GM as a piece of luggage...
  7. MM! GM is also nice, but it's just too big, unless you plan to use GM as vacation bag?
  8. get the MM. I think the GM is just tooo big.

    Also, keep an eye out...i have a friend who got the GM and after like 2 weeks, the kangaroo leather around the handles started ripping. Don't know why, but he definitely babies his bags, so it had to have been faulty! Just FYI
  9. Get the MM. It sounds more practical for you.

    I love the kangaroo leather (wonder why they don't use it more often) as it is far superios to cow, but don't like the design, which is what keeps me from getting it.
  10. the MM size!!
  11. Why can't you use the MM as a tote? it has handles, I carried it like that in the store...
  12. I think what you really want is more of a tote maybe the sacochee is not for you and what you really want is one of this, btw im getting the MM next month...
    Heck I think I should get this too:lol:
  13. I had the MM and it was nice but too small. I replaced it with the GM and I love it. It may be too big but you can never have too much space for those situations when you need it. The MM would NOT allow for those space needing situations.

    I use my GM everyday and not just as a travel piece.
  14. ^ god now you got me thinking:push: you think maybe I could do the GM for travel and a sac plat for every day?
  15. I would get the MM:yes: