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  1. i have a whiskey shoulder bag coming. and a new carryall.

    so, what else do i want? :graucho:

    i THOUGHT i wanted the stripe tote in punch...but maybe i just want accessories for now? maybe the stripe punch in the beauty case? and a legacy wristlet in whiskey. and the flower charm.

    or should i get the bag?

    argh, i'm so conflicted.
  2. You know me, go for the accessories. I actually really like the cosmetic case with the punch.

    wait a little longer since you got a couple of new bags, once their novelty wears off go ahead and get another toe.
  3. Definitely the legacy wristlet! I love the flower charm, too.
  4. yeah, that little case is wicked cute. for only $68, too!

    oooh...maybe a new ponytail scarf, too.
  5. Yeah, forget the tote, thats going to be around for a while longer right?
  6. The tote is in the new book so I would think it will be for a few more months.
  7. Get the accessories and ponytail scarf! I think I am going to get one. Congrats on your new additions!
  8. yeah...guess i'll wait on the tote.
  9. hmm. i'm trying to get everything i want for under $300...not working.

    but i also want sunglasses...
  10. I returned a legacy wristlet and miss it now. I wish it could have held my cell phone. I may just have to get it again and just use it as a wallet.
  11. I agree with everyone else: accessories!!!!!!!
  12. just ordered:

    flower charm
    star charm
    whiskey wristlet
    sig stripe beauty case in punch

    ...for a grand total of $246...dang, tax sucks!
  13. legacy wristlet, legacy wristlet, legacy wristlet!!!

    don't make me post my pictures to TEASE you!!
  14. hehe. have no fear, i got it!
  15. ^^i saw posted as i was typing!

    but congrats, i can't wait to see all the pictures of your goodies!!