1. I get that L.A.M.B. is switching production companies but WHERE IS THE PRODUCT? It has been months. This is ridiculous.
  2. I know. I don't ever remember it taking so long to start the spring season !
  3. Switched production companies?! Where did you find that out? Is Schifter+Partners out of business?
  4. There is a more in-depth thread about this at the other place, but basically L.A.M.B is moving from Schifter + Partners to Artisan House starting with the Sprign 2012 collection. The reasoning that was given was that the look of L.A.M.B had become too young, and Gwen found it difficult to wear many of the newer designs (I didn't get this statement at all...there were tons of pictures where she was wearing all her new designs) and they're planning a relauch of the brand with better, more durable materials.
  5. That's crazy! Thanks for letting me know! And I'll definitely be visiting the "other place" more often now... ;)
  6. I really hope we ll get to see new bags by next week. The fall/winter fashion show is coming up and we haven't see anything yet for spring !
  7. So I talked to Shopbop and it seems like they won't be selling any spring bag for now. The lady said they had nothing in their inventory and no record of invoice for the spring bags. Also i noticed that they changed the banner on on the the lamb page and we can see the new bags that are going to be for sale. I e mail to ask when the bags would come and who the retailers were going to answers yet!
  8. My guess is whatever collection is missing (Spring?) will be sent to discounters quickly. L.A.M.B. has a notorious reputation for missed and late shipments.
  9. I wonder if L.A.M.B. can keep the signature print because it was under the schifter name?