1. I was walking past LV the other day and had a quick peek through the door, I was like oooooooooooo its a Waterproof keepall, yes they still have one, Im sure there like trying to keep it, its well away from the display area, its like its a hostage. The Security guard was looking at me funny whilst I looked through the door but who cares !, I didnt go in cause I had to go and get the train. Well the Waterproof keepall Is way out of my league and not something I would use but still its hot. :smile:
  2. it is hot. if i had the money i would totally buy one. or seven.
  3. how much is that anyway?
  4. why do you like it steve? i think its kinda ugly
  5. Its just so nice, I like the entire bag, I mean I even like the lock LOL ! its just the feel kwim ?. The bag is like £950, which is approx $1900...way too much !
  6. oh yeah they've had that for ages now
  7. do you like it ??...I think that you would love it Claire, its very up your street. You love LE.
  8. Isn't it really hard to open?! But I agree, It's really nice
  9. i've been trying to convince my dad that i need one for our trip to antarctica next year lol.
  10. ^^ It would make a good flotation device haha when you're trying to catch up to some penguins:sweatdrop:
  11. The zipper is HARD to pull! I would just go for the regular keepall!
  12. Saw it......pretty sight
  13. I'm not crazy about it either, the lack trim makes it look a little sombre to me.
  14. While I love the idea and practicality of the waterproof keepall, I think it's completely overpriced. IMO, it looks like cheaper version of the regular, leather-trimmed keepall, not a version that costs 2x as much :push: It'd be great for a boat though.

    btw I think you may have won the award for shortest thread title in tPF history :p
  15. nice piece, but not selling well. too expensive, hard to use zipper.