So ???


Which one do you prefer ?

  1. Black Epi Lockit

  2. Black Epi Alma

  3. Black Epi Speedy 30

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  1. What do you think ?
  2. Epi Speedy! :biggrin:
  3. The black epi speedy 30 w/ titanium hardware is my #1 bag I want right now! HOT! I think the black epi alma is pretty too though, but not my choice for now, but I know I'll want to get one eventually. I find alma a bit mature, for women in their 50's and up. I also feel that way about manhattan pm, so those are 2 bags I'm waiting to grow into one day, I have about 20ish years, lol.
  4. Alma black! I like my Alma's very much, because it's very good to open and a really classy bag. The Speedy is so often to see...
  5. I think that the Alma is the one and only icone of LV and every lady from 18 - 80 years can wear it. For me one Alma is the "must have" for every LV fan.:yes:

  6. I knew I'd get called out for my opinion, lol. I :heart:LOVE :heart:the alma especially in epi, but I just can't shake my feeling of finding it a mature bag. I refuse to call it 'old' looking, bec. it's not that, it's just not youthful in my opinion. I've also only seen it on women in this age range. And I've also heard this opinion before so perhaps that's why I feel this way too. I def. plan on getting one though...eventually!
  7. Sorry, I wouldn't be impolite! The reason why I recommend to everybody the Alma is my "immeasurable" love for that bag! But I wouldn't to convince anybody of my "Alma-love!!:graucho:
    I think it's good that not everybody like the same things like others! That would be boring!! Greetings from Switzerland!:heart:
  8. Black epi lockit.....gorgeous.
  9. i love the black epi lockit. The lockit is such a cute shape, and looks so classy in epi.
  10. I'm 27 and my first choice would be the alma. i think the alma looks so good in all the epi colors. my second choice would be the lockit only because if i were to get a lockit i would much prefer it in the suhali line. the speedy is just too plain in the epi JMO
  11. I love my black speedy 25 so I voted for the speedy. It was my first bag and is still my greatest love!
    It goes from casual to elegant effortlessly!
  12. I vote Epi Speedy! It's a great bag!!
  13. speedy
  14. lockit!
  15. alma gets my vote. my aunt has one and its gorgeous. I love the shape of this one.