1. i think my dream bag is a Fendi Spy... BUT my budget will be forever limited to a minimal amount. i am willing to save. what is the least amount of money i could pay for a Spy bag? suggestions, color favorites, and anything positive or negative you could tell me about the bag would be helpful. this would probably be the only "High End" bag i'd ever splurge on, so i suppose i'm just trying to do the homework and consult experts...

  2. well you could look on or and see if you can find one you like...
  3. If you don't mind used ones, you can always try Jill's Consignment or Ann's Fabulous Finds. Just make sure to post in the authentication threads or somewhere on here to have people look at them. There was a used brown spy I thought about getting for $1300, but one of the lovely ladies on here pointed out all the blushing on the bag. It was something I hadn't even noticed/seen, and would have been very unhappy with when it arrived.
  4. why are some bags on eBay so cheap? are there a LOT of fakes?
  5. yes, almost all the bags on eBay are fake. I would expect to spend about $1000 for a used one in decent condition. Ann's Fabulous Finds had two for about that amount recently -- I think they were actually new, but without dustbags.
  6. Hi,

    I got mine on ebay from "pinchrosemary" she sells authentic spys and has them pretty regularly. They go under between $600 -$1000 usually but check the description because she will honestly state the condition. If you don't mind a hardware issue, blushing, or wear on the handles, etc.

    I love mine, it was well used but it feels new to me and I'm the only one who knows it was second hand :smile: to outsiders it just looks like I love the hell out of my bag.
  7. well i made a mistake and splurged on a little kooba bonnie, only paid 212 dollars but the leather is so sensitive i just don't use it. every single scratch comes up! it's a light bag, light color, but just needs constant attention to the leather care. are Fendi spy's leather quality? durable?
  8. I think the leather is very durable, especially the darker colors. I bought my black spy second hand, not sure how long the previous owner had it, but it is just like new. No scratches or anything.

    Some of the leathers are more prone to scratching, IE the stiff leather used on some of the B bags, but I haven't had problems with any of mine yet (have 4 of 'em now!)
  9. i'm simpley lusting over a spy. i'm really not trying to look right now although i have been, but black is definately a color i've been looking at. what's more timeless than that? and black leather ages well.

    anyone else have an old favorite that has just lasted and lasted?
  10. Lit..funny how those Fendis seem to accumulate, eh? :graucho:

    On the Koobas, I have a few & I believe that the marking is the distressed look they are going for, either you love it or hate it:shrugs: ! If you have a mad desire to always condition it out, its probably not the designer line for you, welcome to FENDI-LAND! :nuts:
  11. oh how dangerous lol you all are ENABLERS ARENT YOU!

    it's going to take me a while (probably all summer as there are other financial obligations at hand) but i will get a Fendi Spy if it kills me...

    woops i didn't realize my roommate was reading what i was typing *runs for the hills*

    i will be back ;)
  12. Yeah, they are like rabbits. The shoes are even worse. I was in my closet a few weeks ago with a friend (not as weird as it sounds) and she was like "so what are all those yellow boxes?" Erm...
  13. I think Jomashop has good prices for spy bags. Save at a comfortable pace and you'll feel better getting the bag.
  14. If you go for the Baby Spy, you can get one for $1200 or so.
  15. i love the baby spy but i have small bags, i think thats why the spy originally appealed to me in such a way that now i HAVE to have one....

    the regular Spy size looks nice and big :drool: