So you want to join the Fendi Purse Forum Division? A QUIZ 4 U!!

  1. So you want to join the Fendi PF Division?
    Sure, take this Quiz:

    Some how, some way you ended up here and wondered, where the heck am I? :confused1:

    Well we aren’t sure either, but just the same, we want to know if you qualify just to be here!

    Take this Quiz, and remember, if you don’t pass, you gotta buy each of the Fendi Forum members a new Spy Bag off, OK? :wtf:
    Hope you’re married to Donald Trump!


    Multiple Choice
    1. The following retailers are reliable places to purchase Authentic Fendis:

    b. Saks Off 5th
    d. None of the Above

    2. For the past few years Fendi has placed a hologram on its bags to preserve and identify the authenticity of their purses. Pick out which of the following samples is an authentic FENDI hologram:



    d. None of the Above

    3. One way to pick out a fake Fendi, is to look for an outrageously impossible looking bag that never was created or manufactured by Fendi.
    Which of the following bags is a Fake:




    d. None of the Above


  2. 4. The Fendi Spy Bag is the mainstay and most highly coveted and classic bag in the FENDI Line. We keep a list of all the many spy bags on the FENDI spy bag list:
    Which of the following is not an authentic Fendi Spy Bag:



    b. [​IMG]
    c. [​IMG]
    d. All of the Above

    True or False?

    1. The Magic Bag was named after the satchels used by Harry Potter & Friends. True or False?

    2. The Chef Bag was named after a cooks cap. True or False?

    3. The only appropriate place to get a Fendi Bag authenticated in this Forum is on the “Authenticate this Fendi” thread: Anywhere else is TABU! True or False?

    4. SAICH2 will never own or find enough Limited Edition Fendi Spy Bags. True or False?

    5. It is appropriate etiquette in this forum to give the following FENDI Salute:

    True or False?


    Multiple Choice 1- 4: Answer is “d”
    True or False 1-5: Answer is “True”

    So how did you score? 9 out of 9 means you need to show us your bags & start authenticating….
    6 – 8 : Welcome…you may need to brush up on some of our more recent threads. You can do a search of this forum for details.
    4 – 6: Barely Passed – reread the last month of threads Baby!
    2-4: You might want to consider the Tokidoki Forum *
    0 – 2: You can buy me that Saks Denim Squirrel Spy Bag, who’s next? :tup:

    *PS: Tokidoki fans, just a polar opposites joke…I love ‘em!
  3. I scored a 2!! :sweatdrop: Wow, this is fun!!! Thanks for creating this badlady!!! :dothewave:
  4. You're too funny, baglady! BTW I scored a perfect '9' ... I think I've been hanging around tPF too long! LOL
  5. Oh my gosh.....I scored an 8. Guess I definately need to ......BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER.....and get a life! No wonder I never get anything done......

    Is there a 12 step program for handbag addicts????
  6. Aaah.......I can't count!!! I meant I scored an 8!! How embarrassing!!!:p
  7. 8 points for me.

    thank you for making this quiz!
  8. This is freakin' hilarious! :roflmfao: Love it! :nuts:

    Great thread baglady! :tup:
  9. lol... all those spys are so HIDEOUS!!
  10. Great Thread! Lol!
  11. Cute quiz! I scored an 8, had no clue about the chef bag!
  12. LOL scored a 9, need to practice that salute though, wobbling a bit. LOL
  13. Good thread :nuts: , scaring myself a bit, 10. I remember seeing that leopard spy on eBay and almost died laughing :roflmfao:! Thought I would never have to see it again and here it is!

  14. I mean, except for the one I am holding of course, LOL!
  15. I got a 7! Thats good considering I just got my first spy last week!:smile: