So you want a Roxbury Drive, but the Pomme and Amarante are too dressy: Try Noisette!

  1. Earlier today I posted photos of my new Amarante Roxbury ( Posing with my Amarante is my faithful Noisette Roxbury. I have to say, I believe the Roxbury may very well be THE perfect handbag--sized just right, gorgeous to behold, detachable strap, feminine to the max...I could go on! I know many of you believe the Roxbury in Amarante is too dressy...I would like to suggest that you consider indulging in the Roxbury in Noisette. In Noisette, Roxbury is the perfect accessory to jeans, kakhis, capris, dressy or casual. Here are a few modeling pics from Friday night when I was going to a rehearsal dinner.
    5.jpg 3.jpg 1.jpg
  2. Such a pretty colour!
  3. It's beautiful. I have a Koala in noisette and I love the color. It is so understated and it goes with everything.
  4. it's beautiful! the color noisette matches best with patina!
  5. I think this color is great because it goes with everything. I still love the Pomme and Amarante though.
  6. Ooohhh very tempting!
    I would love a Roxbury but I do think it's too dressy for me esp as I always dress casually. I have never really considered the noisette until now....thanks!
  7. I wasn't a fan until I noticed your Noisette from the thread you mentioned and I have to say it looks gorgeous! And so do you! :flowers:
  8. very pretty!
  9. wow indeed beautiful :heart: thank you for the advise :smile:
  10. After seeing your other thread, I thought I was sold on just the roxbury style. Now I'm thinking hmm....noisette seems to be a good color for it. I'm sold on it.
  11. Very pretty! I love it, congrats! : )
  12. I have the noisette Roxy too. I'm wondering if I should also get the amarante - do you plan to use both equally? Or do you think you will use noisette more?
  13. LOL that was awesome! Sounds like a perfect sales pitch!
  14. I own the Roxy in Noisette too and i loooove it!:heart::heart::heart: This colour is beautyful and goes with Jeans or elegant outfits! I wear my Pochettes with the shoulder strap of the Roxy, because i don't like if the pochette is too close under my arms. The absolutely Top-Bag for me is my Roxy Noisette!!
  15. I love your roxbury! The noisette color is amazing! Any chance of a model pic using the strap? I am curious as to wear it falls when using the strap:smile: TIA!