So you think you've had a bad day? I have to sell my Bbags...

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  1. Well, I have had a bad day today. I have had major PayPal issues. I have recently decided to update my Bbag collection. Firstly because I had to many blue bags and secondly I fell totally in love with the 2007 leathers. I woke up this morning to find that PayPal have frozen my account. I have had quite a few Bbag purchases and sales lately and PayPal said the amounts and frequency of transactions are "suspicious". I can't believe they do this to people who are clearly selling authentic Bbags. I am done with eBay and PayPal after this saga. I was hesitant to join up in the first place, but it seems to work for everyone else here :confused1: Anyway, my bad day continued after I had read my emails this morning. My DH had lined up all my Bbags in the lounge room with a sign on them saying "I know what these cost"...Anyway, we have been arguing all morning. It's my fault because I have been telling him all this time that they only cost me $300 each (which was bad enough in his eyes...) There has been other relationship dramas up to this point and I feel this Bbag incident has pushed us past the point of return.:cursing: I feel like I am spiralling down VERY fast. What can I do? I have to save my marriage. We have a large home loan and I need to show my family that I love them more than Bbags. I have to sell my collection now. I am so embarrased about this. What can I do? eBay and PayPal are ruined for me. I am stuck. :push:
  2. I feel you about Paypal and eBay as well! And my saga has been going on for weeks!

    I hope everything works out for you.
  3. Wow, KDC, you are having a bad day and I am really sorry. You are right to put your family ahead of the bags, but I'm sure the divestiture process won't be easy for you, especially now that PayPal has frozen your account. Have you posted to the eBay thread off of the main PF page? Those ladies have great knowledge of all things PayPal and eBay. I will keep you in my thoughts. Good luck.
  4. Oh WOW! I am so sorry for you that you are going through this!!
  5. Ask the buyers to do a wire transfer or money order. They will cost a bit of money, but since your PayPal account is frozen, you have no choice. Perhaps this way you can circumvent their extravagant fees!

    I would say at this point selling a few bBags is in order because you need a roof over your head more than a kickass bag collection. But don't fall into the trap of selling them dirt cheap on eBay either because you won't be able to recoup your losses.

    Keep us posted.
  6. I think you can still sell on eBay without accepting PayPal.

    It does limit buyers, but still could be a way for you to get the word out?

    It is soo easy to get wrapped up in a lovely leather obsession, but at the end of the day, our people come first :love:
  7. I have to agree with the above advice...

    ... Also, perhaps give your hubby some space to cool off and then address it calmly with him a little later?
  8. I'm so sorry, KDC. I'm glad that you are putting your marriage and family first and liquidating your B-bag collection (as hard as that may be). I don't know enough about eBay and PayPal to advise on that but the other poster is right, try asking for help in the eBay subforum...those ladies know their stuff.

    Hang in there. Just show your DH how committed you are to setting things right and that will be a step in the right direction. Hugs!
  9. Thanks everyone, but I only set up my ebay account recently and don't have much feedback. I don't think ebay let's you advertise that you only accept bank deposit. I am screwed...
  10. KDC, I'm so sorry this has happened. I don't have much advice on the Pay Pal issue but I do think you and your DH can work things out after he's let off some steam. As long as he knows how hard you're trying, I'm sure he'll come around. I've had a few tiffs with my DH about my purse habit but staying calm and keeping open the communication lines will help. My thoughts are with you. :heart:

  11. I can definitely understand and have empathy. I have often gone overboard with buying bags just because I can and then reality hits that I MUST let some go....I am single and pay my mortgage and alllll of my bills myself:yucky: .

    You can still us Ebay right? For now just sign up for and buyers can pay you with their Visa or Mastercard, which is how people like to pay anyways since they have recourse with using a CC. I only use Bidpay because I heard soooo many horror stories about Paypal that I never even bothered with them. Bidpay has been great to me, no hassel. I have sold Chloe's, Fendi's and a few Bbags. Though some people avoid me since I don't or won't use Paypal, which I think those people are weird, because it is just as safe because they are paying via CC. Try it and see how it works for you :o)
  12. I'm sure you'll find a way. You should include your DH in the decision of how to go about it, as I'm sure the low-balling the price has created a trust issue that should only be temporary. Even if you end up selling through one of the consignment shops and giving up the commission, at least you'll be showing good faith on the relationship side. And when it has all blown over you can start to build your collection again, but with hubby's knowledge and, hopefully, approval.

    I know it's tough, but I've been very proud of the members here who realize they have to give up their bags for something greater -- like a relationship or an education. The sacrifice is temporary. But the strength of character that it shows lasts a lifetime.

  13. How much feedback do you have? What is the #? If you use you will automatically get a free banner on all of your Ebay listings stating that you accept VISA AND MASTERCARD VIA BIDPAY....It is super easy to pay for items via Bidpay so your buyers will not be put out or have to go to anymore trouble than they do with Paypal.
  14. KDC, I am so sorry to hear about this. Many, many hugs to you!
  15. highglossfinish, you are very, very wise. Your words really touched me.
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