So You Think You Can Dance

  1. Has anybody been keeping up with this show this season on FOX ?

    The show is basically about dancers who are put on a grueling 12-week dancing competition where they don't get to choose what they are going to dance each week.The contestants randomly pick the dance that they are going to perform randomly from a hat.Then they are given 24 hours to learn it and then they perform it infront a live audience.

    The dancing on the show is amazing!And the choreographers are fantastic.The couples i've been voting for are Benji and Donyelle + Allison and Ivan.:heart:
  2. I've been watching it here and there. It's sort of addicting. I love it!
  3. I'm glad you started this thread. I had been meaning to. Yes!!!! I love that show. I like your choices and I also like Demetre (spelling?), but I'm not crazy about his partner this week, Ashleigh.

    I also think that Benji's cousin, the blonde girl, (sorry I can't think of her name right now) has a lot of talent. I've been trying to think which one of the contestants would be best suited for the prize of dancing with Celine Dion's show.

    I have a feeling that Jessica and Jamyze are going to be in the bottom three tonight.

  4. I like Demetre alot but he seems too self-absorbed and he just needs to loosen up and stop the whole " i'm trying to be sexy" act.It's getting old.And I agree Ashleigh wasn't that great last night! He always kicks off his partners off the show, lol :lol:

    oh wow, I had no idea that Heidi was Benji's cousin ??!?! I thought they were friends who came out to audition together! But I like Heidi alot too, her hip-hop dance last night was good.I thought she was going to be worse but she was on the same level as her partner who was actually trained in hip-hop!

    I agree too, it's either between Jamyze, Martha, and Jessica.Everyone else last night was fantastic.

    The fans really love Donyelle and Benji. The message boards on the offical site are going crazy! It's really humorous! :lol:
  5. You are so right about Demetre's demeanor. I think he's had a lot of solid training, but he seriously knows he's sexy.

    Oh, I wanted to mention about the judges too. I thought the two hip-hop women who were on the panel last week were quite articulate and thoughtful in their comments. And I love when Mary gets all excited and shouts "whoooooooooooo"! It's such a fun show!

    Well, I hope you enjoy tonight's episode. This is going to be a blast to talk about!

    p.s. I may be wrong about Benji being Heidi's cousin. Someone told me that so I think it's true. We'll see........
  6. I'm addicted to that show! Dimitri is way hot!! He can leave his shirt unbuttoned all the time! :yes:

    I like Benjy and Donyelle.. I also really like Heidi.. something abt the way she moves.. it's so fun to watch.

    I did not like James/Jessica... they are kinda boring.

  7. Yea, I'm sure Demetre has had alot of training.He certainly acts confident.Do you remember what he specifically trained in ? I remember at the beginning of show the contestants told the judges what they were strongly trained in ? I can't seem to remember what Demetre trained in ? Was it Salsa ?

    Hahaha, I love Mary Murphy! She certainly is an act.Her voice is annoying at times though, i have to admit.She usually gives the contestants a critic and then if she likes them, she'll do the whole...WhooooHHHAAA! :lol: The new judge from last night was awful.He didn't like alot of the contestants.He was really rude and it seemed like he was trying to be mean, so that he can be like Simon Cowell of the show!

    Tonight should be interesting.It'll be funny to see Demetre's partner go home again,lol :lol:
  8. I also heard that Benji and Heidi are cousins...I think it was in one of the earlier episodes this season.

    I'm rooting for Benji and Doneyelle all the way!!
  9. I'm glad SuLi that you also heard Benji and Heidi are cousins. I think that makes the show a tad more interesting for some reason.

    Hellosunshine, I wish I could remember for sure what style of dance Demetre trained in, but I think it was a type of Latin dance.

    I too like Benji and Donyelle -- he's a great dancer and she is so classy and graceful. But I still haven't narrowed down my favorite to win.

    To me all the dancers seem impossibly talented and I would give anything to have one iota of their experience. Not to mention all the pretty dresses the ladies where when they dance ballroom numbers.
  10. Love this show!!!

    Martha has a great body, but is almost "too buff"? Hm...

    I love Benji. :biggrin:
  11. So... who do yall think is getting the boot tonight?
  12. Well, who doesn't like Dimitri. Anyone with estrogen would react to that! Sorry my DH isn't home.
    I don't know who'll get kicked off. There seems to be no real rhyme or reason to it. I danced ballet for 8 years when I was younger, I also did some jazz, modern and musical theater, so I thought I at least knew a little about dance, however, with the general public voting and these judges who knows. I really liked Natalie and Musa together, but I don't think they did as good last night. I also thought Dimitri had difficulty letting his upper body "dance frame" go during the hip/hop routine last night.
  13. I love Benji and Donyelle as a team, and then individually i like Heidi and Dimitri.

    I can see cuties Ivan and Travis staying long as young girls continue voting based on looks.

    Everyone else... is kinda forgettable to me.
  14. I loved Alison and Ivan's performance. I was kinda bummed Musa went home but I knew out of the 3, he was going to be the one going home.
  15. I missed the show last night.... I see from kathyroses' post that Musa left, but which girl was eliminated?