"So You Think You Can Dance"

  1. Anyone watch this show?

    I'm embarassed (a bit) to admit that I love watching it!
  2. I watched an epi last week. They've changed their format so much from last year it seems. For the better!

    Dmitri gets on my nerves -_-;
    The rest of the dancers seem pretty cool.
  3. My gay friend was telling me about him, so I just had to tune it to check him out. I'm embarrased to admit this, but we only tune in because we think he's really hot :shame:
  4. I watch it too! I love that strawberry blonde Eastern European guy. Remember, he auditioned with his GF but she didn't make it? I think he's so handsome!
  5. I watched it last season and I'm watching the current one too.

    The format did change a lot from last season I must say. I keep thinking of the dancers from last season too maybe cause I like them so much.

    Is the Dude dancing with Mary for the rehearsals = Artem?
  6. I watch it..I like this show!
  7. I love this show! I dislike dimitry and his partner (joy? forgot her name) as well. I really like ben!
  8. I've been wondering about that too!

    I really love Donyelle and Benji! They are so different, but really work well together!
  9. Nope, don't be ashamed, I like this show as well
    Benji is very good, and I just like the way Dmitri looks!!:graucho:
  10. I've seen a couple of episodes. Its fun to watch.
  11. It is Artem from season 1. I think he was introduced in one of the earlier episodes to assist Mary.
  12. ^^^^Yummmm, Artem!!!!

    I loved him from last season! I'm a sucker for male ballroom dancers, actually almost any male dancer. I love the show and I'm glad they brought it back for a second season.
  13. i thought i was the only one watching it!!! :rolleyes: glad yall 'fessed up... i'm so excited for tonight's episode!
  14. I watch it! I actually really enjoy it. It's kind of my mom's and my "bonding" time. We sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! LOL! :o)
  15. :lol: He's hot, but his 'tude rubs me the wrong way.
    I like her comment about the Greek God :roflmfao: