So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation

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  1. When I heard SYTYCD was doing a 'next generation' of the show, I was disappointed. Until I watched it. ;)
    The show:
    • 8-13 year old dancers
    • Dancers audition for Paula Abdul, Nigel, and Jason Durelo
    • Selected dancers move onto the next round: instead of Vegas, they go to the "Dance Academy". There does not seem to be a choreography round for a second chance. They either move on or they do not.
    • The top 10 will be selected from the Academy and each dancer will be partnered with a SYTYCD All-Star for the remainder of the show. One dancer is eliminated each week.
    SYTYCD has been my favorite summer show for years and I always look forward to it. I just finished watching the first episode and I really liked it. These kids are better dancers than I could every hope to be and I'm really excited for them! Maddie Ziegler will be a judge at some point which will be great for the kids too since she's probably the most well-known child dancer at this point (Dance Moms and Sia videos).

    Is anyone else watching?
  2. My mom told me about this, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. SYTYCD has been one of my favorite summer shows but I'm not a fan of child entertainers (or children in general lol). I will give it a try though before ruling it out completely. Did it start already?
  3. Yeah show lost night was great. Especially that one little guy that started off dancing badly but then he started dancing very well for his age.
  4. I like that kids are involved. Too often, I've seen younger siblings of people auditioning dancing very well, but they can't audition because they're too young. Having a competition for them makes more sense than waiting until the younger siblings are of age.

    I like how nice the judges are. Nigel was never a Simon Cowell, but even when rejecting kids, it wasn't "You suck!" it was, "Keep training and we'll see you next year at auditions."

    I liked that I didn't see stage parents. It seemed like those kids were there because they genuinely wanted to be there, and they weren't frogmarched onto the stage.

    I like that I still get to see some All Stars on the show.

    I like that Maddie Ziegler is a part of this. (So I guess, instead of rotating celebrity judges during the live voting round, she'll be the judge every week?)
  5. Yep it just started this week. I felt the same way, believe me. I wasn't even going to watch it and forgot about it - but my DVR was set to record SYTYCD :yes: The kids so far have been really composed and professional. They don't show a whole lot of heartbreak which I appreciate.

  6. Thank you, this makes me feel better about this season!
  7. I'm watching it now, and I don't hate it. Are they letting everyone through? I don't think they've said no to anyone yet
  8. haha I know, it seems that way - but I think they're showing less heartbreak to protect the kids. They did show a few that didn't make it last night but all of the kids took it well which is why I think they showed them. :smile:
  9. Yes, it makes sense to protect their feelings a little bit. As soon as I submitted my post they started rejecting people lol.
  10. haha of course! :smile: I am glad there's only one more audition so we can start seeing the all stars and this academy. I wonder where the academy was held. LA?
  11. Maybe I'll watch when the all stars are on, but what I really loved about the show were the interpretations, not the tricks as much. I don't really like it when kids act out adult feelings and I'm not really entertained by kids. So IDK. :shrugs:

    I watched one backstory and audition and that was enough for now.

    I hope they get the audience they're looking for.
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  12. I caught up with this week's episode and it saddens me when I see kids not allowed to be kids. I cringed at the 10 year old tapper with the shiny bikini top and leather tights. She is only 10 years old, what is her mom thinking? Why aren't the judges saying anything? Nigel only commented about facial expressions to two different girls but nothing about the clothes.
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  13. Yeah, I understand the not liking when kids act out adult feelings. It is uncomfortable for me sometimes.

    I am always confused by this too. I get the makeup and such since they're on stage but the clothing I see some little dancers wear is sometimes concerning. I have a lot of friends with little girls in dance and some of the outfits make me :wtf:. Side note: we saw Henry Rollins' Spoken Word in Texas years ago and it was at an outdoor amphitheater. There happened to be a cheerleading competition next door and there were so many little teeny girls walking around with TINY half shirts and skirts that barely covered their butts. Henry Rollins went OFF about it for about 15 minutes on how inappropriate it was and there was a lot of agreement from the crowd. Anyway. :smile:

    Anyone watch the cuts that were made by the all-stars? It was good to see them! Joshua and Fik-shun and Robert and Katherine and Comfort and I don't even remember all of them! :smile: There are some stand-outs for sure. Tate was the first dancer and I think she was the best from what they've shown so far. It was sad to see some of the kids break down. I don't know if I could put my kid through that unless they were at the top of the age limit of 13 and a little more emotionally mature. I just can't see an 8 year old ready for that kind of disappointment. IMO they should be at least 12 to be on the show.