SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, Season 9 Starts Thur 5/24

  1. Yesterday's episode was pretty bad. The dancers seemed like pale imitations of former contestants from the pinnacle of SYTYCD. Last night just proved to me that Katee, Joshua and Twitch were if not the best, then at least top 5 SYTYCD dancers ever.

    I rewatched the original routines after the episode and I don't think any couples danced better than the original dancers did. George and Tiffany were the only ones that I think hit the choreography better than the originals, but the emotion and rawness that Katee and Joshua had still makes me prefer their version.

    I thought Dareian danced a better solo than George, but moving forward I prefer George to be in the top 10. All the bottom 3 boys' solos were great though.

    I am SO excited for the all-stars to return next week! The routines should be getting so much better from now on.
  2. Katee & Joshua's Hometown Glory is still the best! Katee & Twitch's Mercy is amazing.. Unfortunately, I don't feel that these dancers danced or interpret Mia's routines like the original dancers. Cheon and his partner did a pretty good job with the bench routine. He did need to be more lose in certain areas of the dance. The Addiction/Gravity piece is still amazing and Cole & Lindsey did pretty well!
  3. Wednesday's episode was a mistake, and I think Nigel knows it. I wonder if it had to do with budget cuts.... Original choreography is what makes the show great.

    I hope Mark comes back. I :heart: Mark....
  4. I totally agree with you. Mia Michaels wasn't on last season, plus the show wasn't even on the last 2 weeks because of the Olympics, and she couldn't choreograph 7 new routines? Or, if she couldn't come up with 7 new routines, then have her do one new routine, and have other choreographers do the other 6. On one hand, they want these dancers to put themselves into the dance and make it theirs, and then they go and compare them to the originals?
    I am so disappointed that Amelia was sent home. Love her!
    I was surprised that Cole knows and danced at the same studio as Mark. What a small world!
  5. I was disappointed in most of the pieces, IMHO the originals were better. The addiction dance is one of my favorites and I much prefer Kupono's (sp?) sinister look over Cole's jerky robotic actions. I am wondering if Mia instructed him to do it this way? He's a favorite of mine but just didn't care for the interpretation of that one.

    Katie and Twitch were so much better than Eliana and Cyrus.

    I thought Amelia and Will did a good job with the butt dance but again not as good as the original.

    Loved the dance with the scarves/ropes at the beginning!
  6. I went to a taping of the show and while it was amazing to see my favorite dancers live, I was SO disappointed that the opening act was taped that morning. They showed it on two huge video screens and it looks amazing. I can't wait to get home tomorrow and watch it on my recorded shows. I really wish I had been there in the morning to see the taping of that piece and then back in the afternoon for the show.
  7. The show is taped???? I thought they always said it was LIVE.
  8. It is live to tape like many live shows. I think they have about an hour between the performances and the airing. They taped from about 5-7:00. The show airs at 8.
  9. Interesting, I didn't know that. I wonder if it's the same with DWTS?
  10. The last episode was probably my least episode of SYTYCD ever. I was so bored.
  11. I had no idea! Thanks so much for the info.
  12. I generally like Cole, but this is my least favorite. His make-up and dancing was kind of creepy, and his jerky movements detract rather than enhance the dance. ITA about Eliana and Cyrus, no comparison between them and Twitch and Katie.
  13. I felt it was unfair to set up the dancers to be compared with the previous contestants. If you've watched previous seasons and are familiar with the routines, then there is no way to avoid comparisons.
  14. ok, i just watched the first routine and i'm exhausted. i need a nap now.
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    LOVE Allison, OMG. I could not take my eyes off that Sonya Tayeh routine this evening.

    ETA: Alex is back!