SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, Season 9 Starts Thur 5/24

  1. I'm so glad Alexa made it through. I loved her last year. She's gorgeous! I hope she makes Top 20.

    I also love Cyrus. I don't know what it is about him, but I am really hoping he makes it. He's a beautiful man. I know he doesn't have the experience, but I think he has great potential to grow as a dancer.

    But that guy from Switzerland? OMG...:love:
  2. ITA i was so disappointed they cut the whole group. They were penalized for helping her out and letting her join her group when she came back so late from the hospital. While they kept on pushing alexa threw. IMO alexa isn't that great she's just going threw the motions and doesn't bring life to what she is doing. Her last dance was the only good one and if others performed as she did they wouldn't have made it as far as she has.
  3. I have a feeling Alexa is going to annoy me this season, Im guessing she'll be the judges "chosen one" and I almost always dislike that person. Couldn't stand Melanie last year either even though she was a great dancer.
  4. Woo I'm excited the two ballroom girls and the belly dancer made it threw! I'm also excited that two unexpected choices made it threw the martial arts guy and cyrus although in all honesty I think he'll be one of the first to go. I think the martial arts guy will make it farther I think he'll be able to pick up the technique much quicker than cyrus who struggled while doing other routines. Now I gotta learn all of their names, I'm so bad with names!
  5. I'm already bored with Cyrus. While his first performance at auditions was interesting, to me what he does is just not dancing. Really liking the "silent movie" girl (I also have to learn their names!) and the ballroom girls.
  6. I think Cyrus will be out in the first few rounds of cuts. While he's good at his style I don't believe he'll be able to pick up the other styles well enough to get very far in the competition. I half feel like he's the wild card pick, like they are giving him the chance because they think the fans like an underdog. It's a part of why I was excited they picked him, but I honestly felt like the guy they cut when they gave him the last spot was a better dancer than he was. I think maybe they wanted a wildcard pick to mix things up since they've had to change the format of the show so much this season. I really wish they still had two nights a week like before, I can't imagine that new dating show they have on thursday nights gets good ratings. Hopefully they'll go back to two nights next seasons. *fingers crossed*
  7. I think Cyrus' look is very distracting with the stretched earlobes! I find myself staring at his head when he dances.......
  8. me too! I kind of want to yank on them. He does seem like a nice kid though and quite polite. I really had it when they think they are so wonderful, he's quite humble. but yes, he's going to have a hard time keeping up. The two ballroom girls will go far and the two boy ballet dancers were pretty awesome as well. seems like a good group.
  9. I love Cheon! I can't wait to see him do ballroom and contemporary jazz in the competition. He just murders ballet! He is awesome! I really like Lindsay and Ashley (I think those are their names-the friends that look like twins). They also killed their routine the other night. I can't wait for the competition to start.
  10. I think Chehon is phenomenal, his ballet is amazing! He's my top male favorite! Just looked up his bio. He graduated from the Royal School of Ballet in London! I like the ballroom girls too, I think they'll do well in the competition. Not too sure how Cyrus will fare in the other genres, but I like his attitude and determination.
  11. I found the 6/27 episode On Demand. Get to watch it again. Yay!
  12. Really? I didn't realize you could get it OD. I'm checking mine now!
  13. It was gone today! Ugh!

    I'll have to check again after Wednesday.
  14. I don't know which episode you guys are looking for, but I found the full episode of the Top 20 (Episode 6, the latest show) on You Tube:
  15. I love Travis Wall's Titanic routine, that was the best dance of the night! Audery & Matt were seamless in it, they were absolutely fantastic! Will & Amelia have big personalities and they have such chemistry together, it was fun watching them dance. Cole, Dareian, & Lindsay were great as well.

    Chehon, on the other hand, was a disappointment. His Samba was so-so, he just doesn't have the right hip movement. The other ballet guy, Daniel, was also forgettable. Four people will be eliminated next week, can't wait to see the results!