SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, Season 9 Starts Thur 5/24

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  3. :pout: One night a week?! With all the crap on TV nowadays, especially during the summer months (THE CHOICE? Seriously? They can't even come up with an original name or concept!) they can't spare an additional hour on a second night, just as they have every season for the past 8 years? What the heck? And how are they going to do eliminations on the same night they dance? Will they do eliminations first? Like the results of last weeks show? Or are they doing away with viewer votes all together and leaving it up to the judges to decide?
  4. This is the only reality TV show I watch other then Amazing Race!!
    1x/week? why? why?
    that sucks!
  5. glad they're choosing a guy and a girl...not glad it's only once a week! :sad:
  6. I am looking forward to the show, but I'm really disappointed they cut the show down to once a week. Why? Aren't there enough viewers? I like this show much better than DWTS! Good to know there'll be a male and female winners this season.
  7. I think they need to change the format a bit and get newer choreographers like Kyle Hanagami, Misha Gabriel, Kenny Wormald, etc.. And bring back Mia for some contemp pieces..
  8. I remember reading from last season or 2 seasons ago that ratings were down and thats why they changed the format and had the All Star dancers..since they had a lot of fans and people always wanted to see them
  9. YAY! Can't waittt
  10. I loved the mom with two young children. She was fantastic and the children were adorable!
  11. Me too. What a great memory for the little princess!

    What did you think of the exorcist?
  12. Dang, I completely forgot about it! I'm even more pissed because I can't see the Full Episode! :amazed: I went Fox's SYTYCD web site and there's a Full Episode waiting for me, but I can't access it. It keeps saying I don't have the current Flash Player even though I installed the latest version. I spent the last 15 min. installing and uninstalling it, still no good!

    What's so strange is that I can see the 5 mini clips from the show (which is about 10 min. total), but I can't view the Full Episode! This is driving me nuts as this is my fav dance show! I'm setting my DVR right now, but I hate missing 3/4 of the first audition!
  13. My favorites so far:
    The mom w/the little girl & boy (how precious was that little girl! I'm surprised they didn't say something along the lines of, "see you in 10-15 yrs! LOL! Seriously, I was impressed - for a 2 yr old, she was pretty darn amazing, not to mention the cutest dancer I've ever seen on this show!)
    The "Exorcist" dancer - I was prepared to dislike him, and then he started to dance! :wtf::tup:
    The guy from Australia (and not just becuz he danced w/o a shirt - altho that certainly did hurt him!:graucho:)
    The "silent movie" dancer who was shown at the very beginning - she reminds me of the actress from "Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23" & I thought she was cute as a button & a very unique dancer

    I also liked the guy who's mom attempted suicide (was surprised she wasn't there to see him dance on the stage) and the guy who's mom is going blind - they both have memorable, touching back-stories (which this show loves to showcase), but they're also very good technical dancers - not the best I've seen, but I think they're good enough to make it. We'll have to see what happens in Vegas

    I also dont understand why they showed the jerky guy - if they knew he was only doing it to get on TV, why did they bother showing him? Just to show everyone what a lousy attitude he has? Instead of seeing him dance, I would have rather seen the 2 yr old dance a little more, along w/her brother!
  14. Finally saw the full episode on line. The guys seem a little stronger so far. I really like the guy from Switzerland, he has a lot of power and has beautiful lines. He reminds me of Alex Wong. Talking about Alex, I wonder what happened to me, I hope he'll come back one day. I also like the "Exorcist". He has the rare gift to "touch" people deeply and dances with great emotions and conviction. Let's see if he can translate those skills to other genres. The Aussie from the San Francisco Ballet is another to watch.

    As to the women, there are 2 memorable ones. The first is the is the 20's flapper, the Louse Brooks look-alike. She has the looks and expressions of that era and is a strong dancer. The second woman is phenomenal. For some reason her full audition is not shown in the show, or maybe I missed it. However, you can see her full sequence in Fox's mini clips named "Beautiful":

    This girl has a ballet background and has legs that are miles long. She's a beautiful dancer and her leg extensions are unbelievable!
  15. I can't get the clip to play, but if one of the judges during her audition is Jesse Tyler Ferguson, they may show it during this week's show - He's supposed to be the guest judge for this week's auditions.