So You Think You Can Dance 3 (Starts May 24)

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  1. Can't wait!
  2. Who won the first season I missed the last episode?? I really like this show
  3. I don't know about the first season, but in the second season, the final three were Heidi, Travis and Benji. Heidi was eliminated first, and then it was between Travis and Benji. Benji won.
  4. I cant wait! I was wondering when it was going to start again :smile:
  5. love this show, so excited to have it back!
  6. something else to look forward on Thursday night!!!:yahoo:
    Definitely more excited then waiting for the AI finale...
  7. I seriously can't wait!!! My boyfriend/Friends and I are having a viewing party :shame: :wlae:
  8. I like watching the auditions... they're pretty funny sometimes... but I never really got into this show as much as American Idol. Well... I'm also losing interest in AI as well. Some of the dancers are amazing to watch, though.
  9. Nigel can be so mean! But I guess that's understandable . . . . Simon Cowell must have the same problem: People not understanding that people would DARE have something negative to say about their dancing/singing. Sometimes they need to be jolted back to reality.

    (And for the record, they're not saying the people should give up singing/dancing, they're just saying they're not right for the competition.)

    We're going to see that injured girl from last season in Vegas! (Remember? She made it through, but got injured and the doctor said she should go home. Nigel said she could come back to Vegas next season and she wouldn't have to audition.)
  10. Have been watching the auditions so far but today argh!! Stupid recording thing on my cable box didn't record the vegas stuff because it was apparently recording two other shows that I wasn't aware it was taping. So... I missed it! Way pissed about that. But tomorrow they decide who's the the 20 so I guess that's more important.

    Don't know what you all think so far. From what I've seen I liked that girl who her mom wanted her to audition for her due to breast cancer, some of the beat boys, and I liked the girl from NY who was really good (imo) who was doing fouettes and toe raises. Umn, sorry, former dancer in me. If I didn't have a career I would totally audition. I loooooooooove and miss dance so much. But then again, my technique is probably crap by now, lol. I didn't like the girl from WI that sorta looked like Avril Levign(or however you spell her name).
  11. Last night had some really good routines, and really bad ones. But I will NEVER forget Lacey and Kameron's routine. YOu can watch it here. It was a contemporary piece by Mia Michaels. I think it was awesome.
  12. i loved Anja and Dannys that was the best for me. They were the 2nd couple to dance.. I love this show. it makes me wanna shake my booty. hehehe
  13. I can't remember who won the first season, but last year's winner was Benji. He was on last night too, if you had a chance to watch. That guy has some real talent. He's a good show-man too!:tup:

    I'm trying to maintain my interest in this show this season, but for some reason I just can't stayed tuned.

    I do like Kat Dealey, a lot, though. She has a charming personality and is quite sweet to the contestants.
  14. Anyone else disappointed that Jimmy went home? I thought the judges were a unfair to go with 'uniqueness' than talent. But then again, a lot of it is popularity so I can see why Cedric stayed.

    There are a lot of good dancers this season tho. I think it's gonna be a tough one.