So you think I should sell my denim speedys pink and blue?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I acquired an LV patchwork recently and was wondering if you think I should sell my LV denim speedy fuschia and blue. Both in mint shape.

    I was thinking about it and I feel like the patchwork is my ultimate denim bag.

    If you were with me, would you sell those 2? (DENIM PINK and DENIM BLUE NEO SPEEDY?)

    Please help...:confused1:
  2. I would keep pink one.. since you just got a patchwork..
  3. my friend, what about the memories you've had with your fuschia and blue speedies??

    i say keep them! the patchwork could only complement your other denim bags!! they all make a great collection together.
  4. Keep the pink! :yes:
  5. They would look great in a row in your wardrobe! Only sell if you think you would rather carry the patchwork over them every time you wanna head out with a denim :smile:
  6. I would just sell the blue one as you can get it any time if you happen to miss it, but also because your patchwork is also blue and denim.
  7. do you still use your pink and blue speedies? if you think the patchwork will take over their roles in your life, then yeah sell them. you can get a bunch of money back for them and put it towards something new and different that you want! if the patchwork is the ultimate denim bag then the speedies you have are "lesser" in your eyes. why keep them sitting around when u can get some of that money back? BUT if you still think you'll use them then keep them
  8. if you think you won't be missing them, no sentimental value -- then i guess okay to sell them. :smile:
  9. I'd sell the blue, keep the pink!
  10. Personally, I'd keep the pink one and sell the blue! =)
  11. I would see the blue and keep the pink.
  12. NOT the fuschia. well, sell it to me. lol. keep the fuschia for sure. its discontinued.
  13. Keep the Pink, sell the Blue :yes:
  14. If you are going to use the patchwork most the time, then I would start by selling the blue, and depending on how you feel after that. Either keep or sell the pink one.
  15. I would keep the pink one for sure, as they are hard to come by, but sell the blue as I see no reason to have two blue denim bags.