So you are all going to think I am nuts..

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  1. Now that everyone has congratulated me on my new Ink City, I am having second thoughts.

    Let me say first I LOVE, LOVE, Love the City style and size. The leather is also TDF. It is very distressed and smushy. When the seller said lovingly carried she was totally right. She broke it in beautifully. It is also in close to mint condition as only the corners have really slight wear. But.....


    I am not sure I love the color. I like it I think it is pretty and I like how it goes from a dark inky color to a dark purple color with the lighting BUT I don't love it. I really really want to love the color because I love everything else about the bag but I know I don't. I keep looking at it thinking I wish it was a pink color. Then I think well I could get a pink for my second bag but if I do that I know I will not carry this one. It seems silly to keep something I might not carry for that price.

    Am I nuts????? What would you all do????
  2. I think it is highly doubtful that you will only get one bag. Once you get the pink, you'll think "I need something darker or more neutral" - since a pink wouldn't replace the ink one, you might want to choose the pink for your next one. Plus, there aren't that many pink colors out there right now. Just my opinion - this is how I got hooked!
  3. I think it doesn't make sense to hold on to a bag that costs around $1000 if you don't love it. Having said that, there must have been something that appealed to you about the color when you bought the bag? I would give it a chance, carry it around for a couple of weeks and see if it grows on you. If still not, back to ebay - Ink is a color loved by many so I don't think you'll have a hard time finding a new home for it.
    Hope this helps - good luck with your decision :flowers:
  4. girl, yes I think you're nuts! (said affectionately!)...I think the Ink is sooooo awesome....but really, you shouldnt keep it if youre not 1000% happy with it....funny, the Ink and Pink are my faves, and I got a Pink City from NM SF, and I dont think I completely love it...its still in my closet....we are all so fickle!
  5. You are not crazy at all. This is the saga with Bbags, you start with one color and then you want another and soon you end up with so many bags that you hardly even use. I say if you don't love it don't keep it because it is just going to sit in your closet. Good Luck!:heart:
  6. yeaa. when I first saw the ink color, I wasnt very fond of it.. I still am not very fond, hmm, go shopping and take a look at alot of different balenciaga colors.. see if you fall inlove with a different color? perhaps.. sorry if its a crappy idea hahaha goodluck!
  7. I agree! For about $1000 bucks each, I have to LOVE it!
    But since you bought it on ebay and can't return to a store, I would try it out a few times before I sold it - JMO!
  8. Do you think you might prefer black for it's versatility? I LOVE my Black city!!
  9. Thanks girls for understanding. I feel bad because I know how many of you love ink and I want to love it. I am going to think about it some more and make a decision. But I have a feeling that I am not going to grow to love it enough to spend over $1000. I am just the kind of girl that would wear a metallic magenta city all the time and think nothing of it. I am just more of a bright bag person then a neutral.

    Fiatflux, thanks for the suggestion but black is not my color. I am not fond of neutrals. I was hoping Ink would change my mind.
  10. It is funny we are all so diffrent. It's great that they make so many colors. I want an ink city so bad...:sweatdrop:
  11. Oh, Meemie- you're not nuts- I'm going through the EXACT situation (bought bordeaux & thinking of blueberry). What to do???
    Which do you have more of: neutrals or colors that pop? If you have mostly neutrals already, maybe you should switch to the pink?!
    I'm not much help but can empathize...let us know what you decide!
  12. oh- didn't see your reply about bright colors until after posting...ahh- seems like your mind is made up? Relisting on ebay seems like a pain, huh? (have never done it- so I don't know) but wouldn't it be nice to blink & have it turn pink- haha?
  13. think it over for a few days. but chances are first impressions are correct. if you don't love it, you probably won't carry it. better to sell it (which will be VERY easy to do!) and apply the $$ to something you love.
  14. No, I have more colors that pop which is why I though INK would be great as it is not really a neutral. I thought adding a semi neutral would be a good idea. Which is why I bought an INK.
  15. I adore my Ink, but I agree with you completely - if you're going to spend $1k+ on a bag, you need to be in love with it. I'd say, carry it for a week or two, and if you're still not feeling it, send her back to eBay. I don't think you'd have any trouble selling her, and you can use the funds to find a nice shiny Magenta!