So yesterday I "quit" smoking

    I started the prescription drug Chantix to help with it... but I'm still ornery and want to scream. And smoke.
    I'm doing this so my parents and boyfriend are happy... not because I want to. I know, that is not a good reason, but I assume any reason is a good reason. Sigh.

    Any words of wisdom?
  2. If you don't want to quit, why are you doing it? Don't do anything to make anybody happy. What's probably going to happen is that you'll end up frustrated, start sneaking cigs and then it'll all be out the window.
  3. i hope you stay on the wagon. even if you love smoking it is not healthy for you.

    you will smell better and avoid the health risks and early wrinkles. and all the money you save on cigarettes can be used to indulge handbag wants or whatever else you may like. good luck whatever you end up doing! :yes:
  4. More power to you.
    Think of how much you will benefit from stopping.
    you will be so thankful in the long run and you know it.
    no coughing from lung damage - no wrinkles from it - no lung cancer - no yellow teeth etc..
    your loved ones care for you, trust them and believe in yourself :smile: you can do it!!! *hugs*
  5. Good luck.
  6. Darwin, that's wonderful! :yahoo:
    I agree with queen and cat_inluv. You do good in trying to quit to be overall healthy and prevent many, many diseases resulting from smoking addiction. Hang in there, and by the time you know it, you won't even think about smoking.
  7. good for you, thats something to be really proud of. When my boyfriend quit smoking you could tell just by looking at him within thirty days! his skin was brighter and he didnt sound like an old man!
    Its such a good move, smoking is a personal choice obviously but so bad for you.
    good luck and im sure you can do it!
  8. It is very hard to quit smoking. I quit 6 years ago. My hubby wanted me to quit forever but I couldn't until I really wanted to. I finally succeeded because I wanted to get pregnant. Good luck though. It is hard but it can be done!
  9. I had to make myself stay busy...housework, shopping, walking the dog, whatever. Also stay away from alcohol. Good luck!
  10. CONGRATS!! That's the best thing you can ever do for yourself!
  11. Good Luck! Stick with it!:biguns:
  12. No words of wisdom, just support for you. You will look better, smell better, and live longer, but you already know that. Think of the money you will save!! Good luck!
  13. thats good that you stop smoking
    i know its going to be hard but you'll get throught it
    :smile: and good luck
  14. Congrats and good luck!:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  15. Thanks everybody :heart::heart: