So worried...I could use some advice!!


Jan 2, 2007
I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but...

My 2 1/2 year old Chihuahua, my precious Faye, is going in at 8am tomorrow to be spayed :crybaby:I'm so worried about it, and I'm afraid I'm going to cry when I drop her off. Eclair was spayed when I got her, and Faye was my first baby so I've never taken a doggie to be spayed before. I'm just not sure what to expect; I've taken off 3-4 days this week to sit at home with her to make sure she doesn't move around too much. Aside from that, I'm going shopping while she is at the vet's to get a new bed and treats for her. But what should I expect after her surgery? Do they give them pain medication? What did you guys do for your babies after that?

People snip at me because I didn't get her spayed sooner, but you know what? It's a major operation no matter what, and it makes me nervous because my baby is only 5lbs. Yes I know it is best for their health, but major surgery on my 5lb baby SCARES ME. Plus, I just switched to a new vet last month because I wasn't confident in my old vet when it came to spaying her. The new one is great and I trust them, but I'm still upset about the whole thing.

Does anyone have any advice? :crybaby:
Jan 20, 2006
Fidalgo Island
Most of my rescues were already spayed but I did have to spay two dogs (also a few cats) and one was only 2.5-3 lbs at 1.5 years. She was a bit slow and sore for about a week but she came right out of it. Dogs big or teeny are very resilient unless they already have an underlying medical problem, but a good vet will check for that before surgery. My biggest fear is the anesthesia so make sure he's very experienced with small dogs and what they can take. I understand what you're feeling's such a routine procedure, but there's still that bit of anxiety. I have to take mine in pretty soon and I'm not looking forward to it. But, you have to think that you're doing your babe a huge favor by having her spayed.


Apr 14, 2006
your pup will be fine :smile: it's a very minor procedure. they're usually fine after a day or 2. the only thing you need to do it make sure she doesn't touch the stitches. usually vets don't give pain meds to take home but they do have some during surgery. just keep her quiet for a few days and she'll do fine!


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
She will be fine--they recover amazingly well. Our females were up and around relatively fast. You just need to keep her from fussing with the stitches, but depending on the dog she may not be able to reach them, so no worries. Just remember, it's the responsible thing to do--you are helping the animal population by doing this. More people should be spaying or neutering their pets.

Also, I just remembered that a spayed dog has a much lower chance of having "breast" cancer (can't recall what they call it in dogs).


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Apr 22, 2006
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She will be fine--they recover amazingly well. Our females were up and around relatively fast. You just need to keep her from fussing with the stitches, but depending on the dog she may not be able to reach them, so no worries. Just remember, it's the responsible thing to do--you are helping the animal population by doing this. More people should be spaying or neutering their pets.

Also, I just remembered that a spayed dog has a much lower chance of having "breast" cancer (can't recall what they call it in dogs).

Boxermom is right. My little black and tan rescue, Millie, has mammary tumor cancer as she was used as a breeder ***** and never spayed. The procedure takes about 20 minutes, there are internal and external stitches and the most important thing for the first week is very very little movement, especially jumping and such. They can get a hernia if they break the stitches inside. She will be uncomfortable for the first 48 hours but they will give you pain meds to give her so make sure she gets them. The hardest part is about 3 days after the surgery she will feel better and want to play and goof off but you, mommy, have to make her stay fairly still. She can go on short pee pee walks, that is all.
She will be much better off. Non spayed females can also develop pus in the uterus which can be not only horribly painful but fatal as well.


Aug 11, 2006
I'm sure your little Faye will be just fine. It's such a routine procedure these days and she will recover quickly especially with all the TLC I'm sure you give her. Also your vet may give you pain medicine for her. She shouldn't lick her stitches and no bathing for 10 days.
You are really doing her health a huge favor by spaying her as the other posters have mentioned above.

(Don't hate me, but I'm one of those people who strongly advocate spaying & neutering. I'm not trying to tell people how to live their lives, but I volunteered at an animal shelter in GA for 3 years where thousands upon thousands of unwanted animals were put to sleep through no fault of their own. It's just an incredibly sad thing to see).


Sep 4, 2006
United Kingdom
I have had 2 of my *****es spayed, she will be fine after a day or two. Dogs heal very quickly, as long as she leaves the stitches alone and she has pain meds she will be OK. I know its frightening, having your dog operated on is a big thing to the owner. Try not to worry she will soon be back with you and will be fine.


Feb 5, 2006
the forest dim
Just keep thinking to yourself that she is better off being spayed and it is better for her health once its all done. I know how you feel though, I'm always really nervous about it and worry, but they do these operations all of the time. She'll be feeling down for a couple of days, give her lots of tlc, and in no time she'll be back to normal!


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Apr 24, 2006
Congrats on doing what is best for Faye :smile:

She is a lucky little dog!

I stayed and watched my Chis get spayed/neutered...I used to work for the vet so she let me observe.

It is scary but just make sure that they do bloodwork before the surgery to make sure her body systems are fine...

Don't worry--she will do great! :smile:
im sure it will all work out fine :smile: My cat had to be spayed and all i found was she slept a lot the 1st day when she was home, and then was just a little slower for a few days

everyone is right tho #1 thing is that she doesnt mess with the stitches or jump around too much

I would suggest maybe just an idea, getting one of those lampshades for her :smile: just in case she does start to lick at her stitces in the middle of the night or something and your vets office is closed, you will have one of them on hand (they arent $$ maybe $10?) and they make comfort ones with like padding at the neck area

we had to get one for my cat cause she wanted to lick the stitches and although she hated the lampshade,, they healed much faster and it all worked out

so just an idea to get one to have on hand :smile:



Sep 9, 2006
^^Good suggestions about getting an ecollar! The do tend to lick the wounds and can 'open' the sx incision. Most vets will now use skin glue and no external sutures. It depends on the veterinarian, but some do discharge their spay patients with pain medications. Some don't. You can ask for it.
How old is your dog? I always like to suggest to do at least blood work before any surgical procedures. Make sure your dog will get IV catheter and fluids while under anesthesia.
Spaying is generally thought beneficial for the dog herself if she is not going to breed. You can prevent pyometra (pus in the uterine) and lower the chance of mammary carcinoma.


Feb 14, 2007
New Orleans, LA
How did she do? When I picked up my Maltese from being spayed she peed all over me. She was so nervous they said she probably held her pee until I got there and then when I picked her up she relaxed.


Jan 2, 2007
Hello all! Thank you for all your advice!

Faye pulled through just fine :smile: I cried when I got in the car after I dropped her off, I was so sad to leave her. But I called at 12, after the surgery, and they said she was fine, so I relaxed a bit. I picked her up at 3:15, and she smothered me with kisses, so I took that as a good sign. She fell asleep in the car, and when I got her home, she curled up into one of her plush huts (I put a big soft black blanket in it with the corner sticking out so that I could cover the entrance, as her sister kept looking in at her). She has been in there since yesterday afternoon, and only came out once to lick SO :smile: I've been sticking a small water bowl in and holding it while she drinks from time to time. Around 7pm last night we tried a few bites of cooked ground lamb, but she only ate a few pieces. I'll see if she comes out later today, and then offer her food again. She has pain meds, which I'm happy about, but they are chewable, so I can't give them to her until she is ready to eat. Usually when Faye is in pain she yelps when I touch her, but she hasn't yelped yet, and I picked her up for a minute this morning to keep her from moving around too much while greeting SO, so I think that is a good sign. She has dissolvable sutures, so no trips back to the vet unless she has a reaction to the pain meds.

The nurses must have thought I was crazy though...I was almost in tears when handing her over to them, and had brought a baggie of supplies for her (her holistic food, her favorite toy, good pure water, a peepee pad, and a shirt that smelled like my SO, because she likes it). I was trying to explain what everything was for, lol. They brought her out later wrapped in the shirt I gave them, which was really sweet :smile:


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Feb 26, 2007
The North Pole
^ So glad everything went well! Don't worry about them thinking you're crazy, they're just happy to have a client that cares so much about their pet.

I know this is a little late, but be rest assured that this surgery is so common and the vet probably performs several of them every day. Yes, still a major surgery, but it's routine and they usually snap out of them quickly.

While I believe it's best to have the spay/neuter done early, both my dogs were grown and had already had a litter before they were spayed (they were from the shelter, so one was spayed at 17 months and the other at 3 years).

Just remember that what you did for your dog was very important, not only because of the pet overpopulation problem, but also for your dog's health and well-being. :tup:
Nov 18, 2006
Im glad everything went well for Faye and I will check back on this thread in a few weeks because my baby toy poodle Louis is getting neutered in a few weeks and im soooo nervous too because he weighs only 4 1/2 pounds!