So worried, can't sleep...please pray for Stud Muffin

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  1. I can't sleep so I thought i'd put my thoughts down. My little baby, Stud Muffin, is the sweetest, little yorkie. He just turned three on Sunday.

    Yesterday, I went to my parents house to have lunch with them and was going to the library afterward. I didn't want Stud Muffin to wait in the car since it was pretty hot for the 20 minutes, so I left him at home with my dad (they're really close and spend a lot of time together) and was going to come back to pick him up. Whenever I leave him at my parents house, he loves to run to the door and will wait there for me if someone doesn't carry him upstairs. As I was getting ready to pull out, my dad came running out carrying Stud Muffin. I thought he was telling me something I forgot, but he said Stud Muffin fell. It turns out Stud Muffin jumped from my dad's arms as he was carrying him, and he landed at least partially on his head. :shocked::cry: When I looked at Stud Muffin, his body was stiff, his head was at an odd angle, his mouth was open and tongue out, his eyes were dilated and he wasn't blinking. :crybaby:I freaked the f out and told my dad to hop in the car so we could go to the hospital.

    Luckily, the hospital is only a 2 minute drive from their house. I cried the entire time driving there and for a while in the hospital. They took x-rays, and he thankfully has no broken bones, but he was in major shock and his head was very swollen. I transferred him to an emergency hospital last night so he could be watched through the night. Seeing my baby with an IV in his arms made me sad, but it was such a relief to see him moving again. He was so lethargic yesterday and unlike himself that I'm worried he may have long lasting neurological damage.

    I'm waiting to pick him up from the emergency hospital to see if I can bring him home or if he needs to be moved back to the daytime hospital. Please think good thoughts for him to get better and be up and running in no time. He loves to be active.
  2. oh i am so sorry!!! i hope that he is better today...did he get a concussion??? please take him to your regular vet for a work-up....i hope that he thoughts are with you...please keep us updated....
  3. He is so lucky to have you! I wish him a speedy recovery. You did the right thing by taking him to the vet/er/hospital right away.
  4. Oh no! Poor baby.... wishing him a speedy recovery.
  5. Poor baby. I hope he recovers quickly.
  6. Quick recovery for "Stud Muffin"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I'm so sorry--crossing fingers and praying for Stud Muffin!
  8. any updates?
  9. Ah please let us know that Studmuffin is okay!!!
  10. Here's good thoughts for today... keep your chin up!
  11. any updates? I hope studmuffin is ok!!!! Wish him the best and hope he recovers soon!! please keep us updated!
  12. Oh how awful! My prayers are w/ you and Stud Muffin. Pls update when you can!
  13. Thanks for all the good thoughts.

    Stud Muffin stayed overnight on Monday night at the emergency hospital, and then I moved him yesterday morning to his regular vet. He was doing better, but not eating and vomiting throughout the day. They kept him on an IV to make sure he was getting enough fluids. I brought him back to the emergency hospital last night because I was too worried something might happen if there wasn't someone watching him through the night.

    He only threw up once early this morning. I decided to bring him to my parents' house to see if he'd react any better to a familiar and comfortable environment. My dad was able to give him some water and a little bit of food. He walks a little, but slowly. I'm hoping he gets stronger every day and starts eating soon. As long as he eats and drinks and doesn't vomit, I'd rather he be with me or my parents.

    So he's definitely better, but not great. I just hope with time, he'll heal completely and be back to running around and chasing big dogs again. It saddens me to see him with no energy.
  14. it sounds like he has a concussion esp with the vomitting....i hope he has a very speedy sounds like he is in great hands...
  15. OMG when I read your post, I thought you were\ going to say that he had a broken neck!!!

    I hope he mends quickly. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!