so word on the street is that there is a b-outlet in florence, italy?

  1. So I am going to FLorence this May for the first time, and am planning on going to the Mall outlets. I heard that there is a balenciaga outlet there. If anyone has been there could you give me any information? Specifically, if they sell bbags there and what prices might be like if they do? Thanks for your help!
  2. Hmm I've never been to any outlets in Florence; however there was one in Italy I visited called Foxtown. I think I was near Lake Como. It has fantastic D&G, Prada, and a bunch of other great designer stuff and it was about 30% off! I don't remember if they had any Balenciaga though.
  3. Here is the link to B-outlet in Florence

    The website says there are discounts up to 70%. Holy Moly. How come no one on the forum has been her yet? If so please post your experience!

    If you are going to the Como/Milan area as well def check out Foxtown. It was way better than any of the premium outlets in the US! Here's a directory of their stores.

    I love Italy so much. Italy and Switzerland are my favorite places in Europe.
  4. oh sounds cool
  5. When I was there almost everything was half off. I asked the SA and they said that they had better deals than in the states because the bags are made right there in Europe. If you ever go to Italy you HAVE to go to this outlet. I wonder if they ship to the US?
  6. wow thanks for all of your help...
    so they have bags there? i'd love to get my first bbag there!!
  7. do you think they'd sell any of the motorcycle styles?

    like maybe the less popular ones such as courier?
  8. :nuts: wow!
  9. What style bags did they have?
  10. OMG!! I'm going in May as well, lol! Lucky us:p
  11. ooo i want to go to! take me in your bag please!
  12. Take me too!! I promise I'll go on a diet so that I'll take up less space in your luggage!
  13. I've been many, many, many times (I go to "The Mall" in Incisa every year).

    So, here's the deal ... and sorry to disappoint, but the actual store is NOT just Balenciaga. It is a combination of Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. Most of the store is filled with clothing (it's not a big store to begin with), very little in the way of shoes and not that many handbags (interspersed - some McQueen, some Stella, some Balenciaga).

    HOWEVER ... don't expect to find a pristine Motorcycle bag there!!! From what I've been told (by the Barneys + Balenciaga S/A's), is that Balenciaga typically has a policy about NOT selling the Motorcycle bags "on sale". So, couple that with the fact that the bags are popular to begin with ... well, you get the point. Now, that's not to say that someone hasn't ever found a "Motorcycle-ish" bag there (I did see 1 Mini Twiggy there, the larger-sized Shoulder), but I would say that the likelihood is pretty slim.

    Oftentimes, what you will see is the items that didn't sell well (so the more "f-ugly" bags). I happen to like the Aviator bags, so I did manage to scoop up two of them.

    Don't let that deter you ... "The Mall" is a must if you are in the Florence area. Be prepared to go VERY early because the crowds can be fierce, especially in the summer months. I'm typically in the parking lot when the doors open, and I'm out-of-there by around 1pm (when a lot of the tour buses start pouring in).

    So ... the savings ... it depends. I've seen anywhere from 15% off to 65% off (the longer it's on the floor, the more they are going to want to get it out).

    Good luck and ENJOY!!!