So why is it only okay for some people to force their opinions down your throat....

  1. What makes it okay to say IMO I think you are a fool for spending $200 on a pair of pants you should only buy $2 pants to go with your $2000 bag. However, those same people would tar and feather anyone who dared to say "well, IMO, if you can only afford $2 pants to go with that $2000 bag you bought perhaps you should consider buying a more affordable bag that does not cost $2000 so have money left over to buy clothes. I know people will say Well, I can afford $200 pants but I choose to buy $2 pants but the reverse is equally true because many people can easily afford not to buy $2 pants and choose not to. So what makes it okay for some people to belittle others for spending $200 on a pair of designer shoes or pants to go with our over-priced $2000 bag when spending $2000 on a bag is hardly being thrifty in the first place? :confused1:
  2. Its not OK for anybody to say that! Its your money, and your choice to spend it on what you like !!

    In my opinion tho, a 2 dollar pair of pants are always gonna look like they are worth 2 dollars ;), you get what you pay for.
  3. I agree- your money your business how you spend it. I mean, ideally we'd all be happy with one nice bag and one pair of pants and give the rest of our $ to charity...but nobody does that. I think people will always find flaws with how others spend their money but it's really a personal thing and should be left at that unless someone asks someone's opinion.

    I don't think it's the case that $2 pants will always look like $2 pants when taken in the metaphor of you get what you pay for though. I've seen some pretty hideous expensive things and some gorgeous cheap things. Take the quality issue some are having with Chanel. I sure don't think they got what they paid for. On the otherhand, my favorite most durable and complimented boots came from Walmart. I wear them all the time over my expensive boots and they only cost $15! I wear them proudly with my Chanel purse! Who cares how much they cost? I buy what I like..JMHO
  4. jeeeez! i feel you! if someone were to say that to me, i would be upset and i would roll my eyes at him/her lol. i did encounter a person who mentioned that i should stop wearing/using branded items from head-to-toe and that i was scaring guys away (giving off that aloof rich girl vibe or something that she described). who are you to comment on what i do/wear/buy/live my life? everyone has their own way of spending their money and IMO, this is very subjective. i'm just happy the way i am - buying the things that i want and like and knowing that i would use them.
  5. I also agree, no one should comment on how anybody else spends their own money. This week I bought a pair of $200 shoes along with a $16 suede jacket on sale- I'm gonna wear them both with my $2000 Chanel bag- so what!! All kinds of emotions and opinions come out when money is the subject... jealousy, snobbiness, etc. You should be able to do what you want with your own money, you earn it- you spend it- you decide. I wouldn't let any one get to you! ;)
  6. Who said it was ok?
  7. :tup::yes: I have found some nice t-shirts in Walmart and great shoes/sandals/cothes in Target. Who's gonna know but me where they came from?

    My parents and sister are the only people who get to question and advise on my spending habits. Acquaintances and friends don't get that privilege.
  8. I guess my question back would be, why are you even having problems with people criticizing your purchases like that? No one knows what I'm paying for my pants or bags because I don't broadcast what I've paid for anything (unless it's on a forum like this one where everyone is pretty much on the same page and the price of Chanel bags is a legitimate topic) and I've never had friends or family tacky enough to ask me what I've paid for anything. I don't see a problem with requests for that sort of information on a forum like this one, under the circumstances. I don't ask anyone how much they've paid for anything they've got unless we're good friends and it's clear that I'm genuinely interested in shopping for a similar item for myself. Even then, I tend to be pretty apologetic about it by prefacing my question with (as an example), "Hope you don't mind my asking but I love that bag and think I'd love to get one like it. Could you tell me which designer it is and what sort of damage I'll be inflicting on my Mastercard? ;)"
  9. Just curious, venusfly...did someone make this comment to you? It is ridiculous that some folks have nothing better to do than criticize for such things. IMO, if you spend $2000 on a bag, you certainly have enough $ to purchase whatever pants you want. Besides, as someone else posted, $2 pants ALWAYS look like they only cost $2. It is one's own personal choice what to spend their hard-earned money on. Tell them to bugger off!
  10. no i understand where you are coming from. i never had someone criticize me in comparing my chanel bag and my gap jeans i like to wear (they fit my big butt very well). but every time i buy a purse some of my not-so-close friends ask me directly how much i paid for it. and not in a "i want to buy one so i am asking you about it" way. Most of the times i smile and say "just enough that they let me walk out with it" but some people to like to grill you on it! and then some has the nerve to tell me that i should be 'saving' money!
    I am not really making a specific point here but rather venting.... All I am saying is that i worked hard to go trough law school and now i work hard enough to buy myself things that make me happy! and how much i spend on them shouldnt really be an issue!
  11. My sentiments exactly. I agree with you 100%.
  12. Oops, sorry - I was agreeing with staceyef
  13. It's a cumulative comment really meaning numerous people (some on tPF and in other real life scenarios) trying to shame myself and others into feeling foolish for buying designer clothing (when I really suspect it's simply that they cannot afford to buy both the clothes and the purse but must chose one or the other). IMO a $2 pants can never pass as anything but - I seriously can tell the difference - but let's say we can agree to disagree on that point. What does bug me is the aggressive way that people try to belittle or shame one into feeling that you are somehow foolish for not buying cheap clothes (which to me is shoddy clothes) because you simply must do high-lo or you are an idiot. Well, why did you buy a $2000 bag then? :confused1: Isn't the $10 no name bag at Walmart just as good as a $2000 Chanel bag?
  14. I find this all a little rich coming from you, venusfly.
  15. venusfly, I know what thread you are talking about. And if you were half as tactful as you appear to be in the Chanel forum, you wouldn't have offended so many people. If anyone has visited this thread, they'd know what I'm talking about and undoubtedly agree.

    It was actually you who forced your opinion down the throats of others. It doesn't matter how many Chanel bags you own: you're not going to make friends here if you make other people feel small.