So, why do people choose fake trees?

  1. The reasons I know that make sense are:

    1. Allergies prevent real trees
    2. Cost of getting a new tree every year

    I used to think there was a three, but now I disagree! 3. Ease of fake tree. They are NOT EASY! They are heavier than a real tree, they take MUCH longer to put up and arrange and they just don't look real, no matter HOW nice and expensive they are! Plus, you don't get that smell!

    OK, maybe there's this too:

    3. Fake trees are less messy, but I'm not buying that as a big reason either! LOL If you take care of a real tree, you don't get a HUGE mess and with fake trees you have to make a mess getting it out of storage (at least everyone I know has to bury it most of the year!)
  2. Hmmm... we've always had a fake tree. I disagree that they are not easy. The ones we've had come in three parts and just collapse down, pretty light. My mom's even has lights on it! Very easy. Also, the real trees I have seen are so messy, even if cared for. I think real trees are a waste of money too- why buy a seasonal item every year, when you can pay once and use it over and over? Some real trees are really pricey.

    Also, I am allergic to real trees, BUT I hate the smell of a real tree as well. I think there is a convenience issue w/ getting a tree home also. Personally, I am single, so I have no one to help me lift a real tree, put it on top of a car, unload the huge thing, try to balance it in the stand, etc.

    To each their own!
  3. One of my friends doesn't like that it takes years for a tree to grow and mature, and then they're chopped down for Xmas, they die & are then tossed in the trash. He thinks it's really wasteful.
  4. We usually get a real one, but we've had a fake one every now and then. In Georgia, it's usually quite rainy during this time of year (except this year - TERRIBLE drought!), and every couple of years, it will be rainy EVERY TIME my mom has a chance to go get the tree. We're not about to bring a sopping wet tree in the house, so if it gets down to crunch time, they just use the fake one.

    We use a fake one in my apartment because we only have room for a little one :smile:
  5. Real ones are a pain to clean up after, strap onto the car, dispose of, expensive, fire hazard.

    fake ones, you can use year after year.
  6. I can agree with as for the smell i have bath and body works concentrated tree spray! And i don't have to worry about water and what not with a fake tree. It's just more convenient i you can have it up longer without worrying it will die out by x mas.
  7. Simple - I'm not allowed to have a real one in my apartment building. My landlord thinks that they are fire hazards. :tdown:

    We always had a real tree when I was a kid (and my parents still get a real one) - I wish I could have a real one! Fake ones just don't compare! Love the real tree smell!
  8. But every environmentalist will tell you that real trees are less wasteful than fake trees. Real trees provide shelter for animals, provide oxygen for the earth and after you dispose of them, most cities have tree pick-ups and will then turn those trees into mulch.

    A fake tree is full of toxins and will last 5-10 years (my guess with these new lighted trees even less than they did before) and will sit in a landfill FOREVER.

  9. Ok, this I can accept LOL as a real reason - can keep it up longer and not worry about daily maintenance... the spray... not so much, can't fake nature!
  10. I have a fake tree and I fine it a PITB to put up. Sure, putting it together is a snap as it unfolds on itself, but I spent 45 minutes arranging all the branches and it STILL doesn't look convincingly real and this is a really nice (lots and lots of tips and even with the newer style of branches that are molded).

    And we'll see about the price. I pay $60 a year for a real tree (we have a real and a fake). The fake tree I bought was a $350 tree and I got it one sale for $250. So, it will take four years of real trees to "about" get to the price of the fake tree. Since my new tree has lights already on them (I do agree this is a nice convenience) we'll see how long the strands of lights last... THIS will be the first to go, I'm SURE... If it makes it for 5 years, it is cheaper, but not by much PLUS I have to store it and that has a price for me too since I live in a townhouse with a finished lower level and storage is a premium!
  11. Growing up, we always had a fake tree. My husband always had real, so for a few years, we always spent the $ on a real tree. The last two years, though, I've decided that we will go with a fake pre-lit tree to save money and to have less maintenance, i.e. watering, pine needle pickup, etc. I think it comes down to financial reasons for us.

  12. Oops, should add the cost of the lights and stand in there, so it's between 3 and 4 years that they fake pays for itself... but does it really? It doesn't look real, it doesn' thave that smell... I would have to add MORE $$$ to get the smell.

    But... I like that I can put of the fake now, can't do that with the real since we need it to last until Jan. 7th (orthodox christmas). Also, the fake trees can handle my heavier ornaments - another plus.
  13. This is why I bought a fake tree but , the main reason is..........

    I have bought real trees in the past, I'm just scared of the tree getting very dry and catching on fire easily. One year we took our real tree down put it in our ditch and set it on fire...............I didn't take but a few seconds and that tree was completely burned.
  14. Our trees are still moist - after being up for a month. We buy them from a lot about now, and keep them in a tub of water outside until around Dec. 10th. then, we trim off a 1/2 to an inch with a saw (takes but a minute or two even for me) and then we put it in it's stand, fill with water and keep checking it. the first few days it can need to be filled two to three times. If the bottom of the tree doesn't stay in the water, the sap seals the opening shut and then it will just get dry FOR SURE. We keep watering and as it's close to the end, it's only every few days I need to refill. We take off the decorations and pull it outside and it still holds most of it's needles and they are supple and soft. This is EVERY YEAR no matter where we have lived - Iowa, Chicago, Philadelphia, Ontario and now the DC burbs, so it's not that my location is better. I just be sure they are watered properly.
  15. I prefer a fake tree. Aren't real trees more flameable?

    Who cares about the mess, you get a mess with a real or fake tree. I've had both growing up, and I prefer the cleanup of my fake tree over the real thing.