So why do people carry the birkin the way they do??!!

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  1. I know it must be just laziness or something but wht do people (Stars) carry their birkin unlocked the flap inside and partially open. What is it, like a "I'm so rich and cool, I don't care if people see and pick pocket me. I don't except people to carry it all locked up but open and sometime just with one handle...:suspiciou I don't know. There must be a reason why they put all that strap and lock and key for it. Educate me on the fashion bit please..:sad: :weird: :blink:
  2. no, because when you use a birkin and go shopping, or wanting to get anythig out of that bag you need to keep it open.
  3. i think that is the best part of a birkin. Unlike kelly, u have to keep it neatly shut, the opening design of the birkin can allow u have much much easier access to ur stuff. I, being myself, would hate to stand in front of the cashier and spend ten minutes trying to open up a bag~~~~
  4. Agree. The Birkin is usually worn with the flap tucked into the bag & left open so it's definitely easier access to your stuff. I would say it's a "practical tote bag".

    I used to think that the straps on a Kelly can get in the way & would be very impractical, but after using it for a while, I find myself loving the Kelly style more & more :love: Most of the time I just leave the straps rest in front of the bag, & I close the bag with the flap and twist the clasp. That takes me like 5 seconds to open my Kelly :smile:
  5. Actually, I had been wondering about the whole access thing. Thanks, guys!
  6. I love the relaxed look of the Birkin worn with the straps tucked into the guides, lock fastened and flap tucked in! Then, you just pull it apart slightly and reach inside.
  7. I need a visual aid :lol:
  8. kitskats, here's one for you! :amuse:

    The woman in the pic is wearing her Birkin in the way that Greentea described...

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  9. I would prefer carrying the birkin open myself, only because I wouldnt want to formally open it whenever I needed to put something in or take something out. Thats kind of why I hesitate on falling too in love with the Kelly.
  10. Same for me! :amuse: I always carry my Birkins with the flap tucked in & the straps just hanging in front of the bag..they rest quite nicely actually.
  11. My thoughts are...the Kelly is the dressy handbag of the two. I would lean toward saying ladylike or proper. You want to keep it want to take your time with this bag. Imagine being dressed at the Ritz for tea or on an amazing date at a fine restauarnt.

    The Birkin is more casual elegance. An amazing high end product, but is viewed more casual in dress and nature.

    I hope I expressed myself so you all see what I am trying to say.
  12. :shame: Yep, got it Kellybag and that's why I need both the Kelly and Birkin!!
  13. I'd probably leave it open too, I can just picture myself carrying my imaginary Birkin right now. Easy access is always preferable.
  14. Mmm, that's so gorgeous. What size is the one in the picture?:love:

    Oops, nevermind! I see the name of the picture gives the size! 40 cm.
  15. Sure it's not rational to keep the bag closed- but is it really rational to spend $7k and up on a purse? (I'm going to be crucified for saying that but, do ya know where I'm coming from?)