So whose hitting the outlets this weekend!

  1. I hope to, but I dont think its possible. :crybaby:
    Anyone seen whats generally there this weekend?
  2. It's killing me, but I need to exercise some restraint and cool it with the Coach buying for a little while, so I will be staying away from the outlets this holiday (now, when it comes holiday time, that's a different story! LOL!).

    Anyway, for everyone who does go, here's wishing you all the best in finding some great deals on beautiful bags!

    By the way, if anyone here can go to the outlet in Lancaster, PA, they usually have a great selection and they get a lot of signature pieces (and make sure you ask someone if they have anything special in the back - they usually do!).
  3. im going on monday- i hope there is still good stuff there then!!
  4. i had planned on it for weeks...but now that the time is here, i just don't feel like driving nearly 2 hours. i'm just so exhausted and still have a broken heart that's weighing me down. :sad:
    maybe retail therapy would help me a little, though?
  5. I want to go to Woodbury tomorrow morning before my modern dance class (its at 12:30), but its an hour-and-a-half away, so I don't know. I
    kind of have to go because I need to find a dress/outfit for a black-tie gala I have to work (I work at a theater and we have to dress up for it), so I was planning on going to Bestey Johnson and D&G to find a dress, and I thought I'd just stop into Coach.
  6. I was going to go... but I have other things I'd rather spend my money on right now. Sounds horrid, but I just don't have the dying desire to go out to the outlet anymore... or the store... what's wrong with me? Lol. Oh well.
  7. YES! retail therapy is the best! :graucho:

    I am not going as I've already given a huge chunk of my salary to the outlet this week. :rolleyes: :sad: :nuts:
  8. I'm not going to be able to go :sad: but i am going in early November
  9. i decided to go! and it turned out to be fantastic!
    while there wasn't TOO much that appealed to me (my bank account is thanking me), i found a few things that i've been wanting for awhile. so, yeah!
    retail therapy works. for serious.
  10. I went to the outlets in MA and OMG did I come out a winner!!! I'll post pics soon! It was really worth it, lots of great sales!
  11. Eh, I went to the coach outlet in leesburg today, in hopes of finding something for my mom for christmas, but, I found nothing :sad:
  12. What I loved at Leesburg today was all the purple bags. MMMMM.mmmm..purple. I wish my mom had been there with me because she is always wanting a purple Coach bag. I nearly bought her one, but wasn't sure if she'd really like it, so I ended up buying two of the same large purple suede wristlets (one for me, one for her) and a "J" letter charm (for her). They had all the letters there, and the price was marked down to $19.99 (IIRC the original retail is $28 -- I bought an "M" for myself back when they first came out.)

    The purple suede gallery totes were especially gorgeous, but they looked like they'd been kicked all over town, which made it easier for me to walk away. I had expected there would be more holiday markdowns but there were really weren't many at all. And the "classic" bags they used to have on the wall next to the front door are completely gone. Bummer.
  13. the store i went to had a TON of those suede totes, which also looked as if they've been handled a few too many times.
    not too many overly amazing deals ('cept for my baby bag one!). nearly everything was 20%, with a few 30% things thrown in. the only thing 50% off was the satin stuff (lots of hobos).
  14. I'm going tomorrow, but not neccessarily for coach, I wanted to see if there was a pucci accessorie that caught my eye, or something at chanel or gucci. as well as pacsun! Could always use a couple more shirts!
  15. I went yesterday to Leesburg & didn't find anything for me either so I drove the extra hour to the Hagerstown outlet & scored.